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Boca- grassfed and pastured meat restaurant

I'm visiting my mother in Boca Raton and trying to find a restaurant that serves pastured meat. Does anyone have any suggestions on where we could try?

Raised Waffles for Mother's Day -- Please Help

Just an update that I did refrigerate overnight and add eggs after the batter warmed to room temp today. They were excellent but maybe a bit too "sourdoughy". Everyone loved them. Next time I'll follow the recipe and let them rise overnight.

May 12, 2013
Super Salad in Home Cooking

Raised Waffles for Mother's Day -- Please Help

That's very helpful. Thanks very much. I'll try that. My concern was less about the eggs and more about adding the baking soda so far in advance.

I think you suggestion is excellent

May 11, 2013
Super Salad in Home Cooking

Raised Waffles for Mother's Day -- Please Help

I'm making Marion Cunningham's raised waffles for Mother's Day
( but inspired by

The recipe calls for them to ferment/rise at room temperature overnight and to add the eggs and baking soda just before making. The recipe notes that the batter keeps well in the refrigerator for several days.

I decided to do rise today and refrigerate overnight but I cannot figure when I should add the eggs and baking soda.

Should I add them tonight after 8 hours of rising and refrigerate the whole mess? Or should I just throw the batter sans eggs and baking soda into the fridge tonight and add them in the morning?

What say you?

May 11, 2013
Super Salad in Home Cooking

Baby Kale

Wegman's in Crofton. Organic. Boom.

Black Forest Cake - High Quality Recipe?

Thanks for all the suggestions. It sounds like there are two schools of thought -- the lighter genoise and the deeper and heavier gateau. Both are probably wonderful just quite different. Maybe I need to make both and give them a shot!

Jun 20, 2012
Super Salad in Home Cooking

Black Forest Cake - High Quality Recipe?

I've never liked this cake in any of the bakery iterations I've eaten. I've always found the chocolate flavor kind of insipid and not deep enough and cherry is usually cloying and gloopy. I have a ton of frozen sour cherries (the result of exuberance at the farmer's market).

I'd like to make it from scratch and started out this morning looking for a great recipe but I'm not finding it. Would I be better off combining separate components (boozy cherry compote, great cake, great whipped cream frosting) or has someone saved me the trouble and done a really good version?

If you have a link or a cookbook that does so, please let me know. I'm not opposed to buying another cake cookbook if you'd prefer not to transcribe the recipe here!

Jun 19, 2012
Super Salad in Home Cooking

Christmas in Harrisonburg, VA

Thanks so much. I'll keep looking for something closer but it is awesome to know that we have some ideas not too far away!

Christmas in Harrisonburg, VA

I'll call Clementine tomorrow to see if they're open and I love arepas. Thanks!

Christmas in Harrisonburg, VA

I am spending the holiday at a cabin near Harrisonburg and I thought we would "go out" to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner but I have not been finding much open either Christmas Eve or Day. (Joshua Wilton House - closed, Local Chop & Grill House - closed).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Fancy not necessary but I would prefer a festive environment, and I think we'd prefer American or regional since we live in the DC area have pretty good ethnic food --although if there were an outstanding ethnic restaurant we would try it for sure.


bcn reservation october 31 cal pep

My mother and I plan to eat at Cal Pep on Monday, October 31 but they only take reservations for parties of 4 or more. Are there any other couples in Barcelona in the same predicament? We could team up and try for a reservation together. Message me here if interested!

Aug 01, 2011
Super Salad in Spain/Portugal

We, the PIzza. I get "Who?" My question is "When?"

I went today for lunch. I was there early so the line and the wait weren't too bad, it got crazy pretty quickly. I had a slice of the spinach artichoke and a slice of the cheese. I really liked the slight sweetness of the sauce on the cheese slice but the crust was not crispy or thin enough. It probably would have been improved by a few more minutes. The white pizza was very tasty, flavorful plenty of garlic and cheese but again the crust was a bit thick and chewy (and not in a good way). That said, these is early in the pizza game. Spike was there overseeing the pizzas, adding extra olive oil, and sprinkling cheese. I will go again for sure and if you do go, go early.

We, the PIzza. I get "Who?" My question is "When?"

Thanks. Has anyone been for lunch yet?

We, the PIzza. I get "Who?" My question is "When?"

Articles have been posting for a year now that that Spike's pizza place "We, the Pizza" is expected to open in early 2010. I saw two pieces (late March and early April) that seemed to indicate it would open shortly but I have not seen anything official. Is it open now? Soft open? Anyone have any details?

Engagement Dinner in/around Baltimore - First Weekend of March 2010

I'm surprised no one has yet suggested any of Chef Cindy Wolf's restaurants. I live in DC (though from the Baltimore area) and from what I understand they are quite good.

LATE reservation at Babbo - drinks and snax before

Heading to NYC with a friend for a crazy eating weekend. We were able to get a reservation for Babbo on Friday night but not until 11PM. We are eating a late lunch but I'd love to have some thoughts on where we ought to hit at 8PM or so for drinks and snacks to help tide us over. We are staying in midtown and obviously Babbo is in the central village but open to checking out anywhere between midtown and LES. Maybe tapas or another small plates?

Jan 28, 2010
Super Salad in Manhattan

Looking for chocolate confectioner's sugar

I don't know and I have not seen it before but I find all unusual baking supplies at Little Bitts in Wheaton. Even if they don't have it, it is definitely worth a visit for any baker. The place is stuffed with great baking items.

Kosher in Montgomery County

I've never been to Kosher Pastry Oven at night but they do an awesome brunch. Max's sells pre-made meals that you can reheat for Shabbos too. Take a little trip over to Wheaton/SS this weekend and check it out -- Max's, Shalom, and KPO are are in striking distance. (in the same shopping center as KPO, is a pizza place but I've never tried it).

Whole duck Baltimore -- where to buy?

I have purchased fresh whole ducks from the Amish Market in Laurel. Google Dutch Country Market in Laurel for the address but they are on 198. The ducks are very fresh and very well priced. (I think my last one was $12-$14). They also usually have cornish hens and the meat counter is great too.

Help please! Need to find pure maple extract (not artificial). Today in DC area.

I have already phoned Balducci's and Dean & DeLuca and neither have it. Does anyone know where I can get this ingredient? I prefer DC or MD suburbs but might be able to get to NoVa if that is the only place to find it.

Spot for a post-wedding-reception dinner in Silver Spring/Kensington/Wheaton?

I agree that Ray's is a great idea. I think they would be willing to accommodate your price requirements with a prix fixe and the food is terrific steak house fare.

Reasonably Priced Korean BBQ in Silver Spring/Rockville Area?

I have not been to Vit Goel but I really like Woomi. The food is great and I find myself STUFFED for about $20 pp -- especially if you go with a crowd and share everything. And do plan to share, everything is a big.

Rice pupusas

My immediate thought was that I had seen them at Irene's Pupusa's in Wheaton/SS. A quick check seems to confirm this:

They are located very close to the Wheaton metro and the whole menu is super tasty.

where can i buy crayfish?

At my H Mart in Wheaton/SS they have something call mini lobsters or small lobsters or something like that but I am pretty sure they are crawfish. They are live.

H Mart Lobster

I haven't had them lately but I have bought my lobsters from H Mart before and they have been just fine. In fact, H Mart is pretty much the only place I find reasonably priced lobster in this area.

Side dish for sedar

I always make ratatouille for my seder. Delicious, can be prepared in advance and is traditional but not too.

Apr 06, 2009
Super Salad in Home Cooking

Vegan, Kosher for Passover Recipes

I usually make a ratatouille for my seder and it is a great side or perfect vegan main course. A nice vegan side is baba ganoush For dessert you could try making passover brownies and just using egg substitutes and dark chocolate to make sure it is vegan. Another dessert is a vegan pudding or a fruit compote or pudding.

Apr 02, 2009
Super Salad in Home Cooking

ISO Latino Cookie or Dessert

brazo gitano. Basically a jelly roll cake. Couldn't be easier. You can fill it with a gream cheese and guava jelly or anything you like and have around. I haven't tried this recipe but it is pretty standard.

Apr 02, 2009
Super Salad in Home Cooking

Butcher/Baker/Fishmonger near Wheaton?

Fish- Yep, H Mart is the best in IMO.
Baker: There are numerous good central/south american bakeries in the area. One on Georgia south of University, one in the H Mart parking lot, what specifically are you looking for? The bakery at Shalom Kosher has nice select items and the bakery at Four Corners has good donuts (but nothing else great IMO).
Butcher: I actually buy most at McGruders in Lamberton shopping center. I have not found a good butcher.

Meringues for Passover? Make ahead?

I have had very good success with Mother's margarine, if it isn't good, i"ll jut serve the meringues with th berry sauce.

Mar 28, 2009
Super Salad in Home Cooking