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Maple Buttercream

This recipe is soooo good. I had no trouble and was a big hit. After reading the other reviews, I took a big breath and proceeded. I added the whole cup of maple syrup (from my trip to the Adirondacks). I added a few tablespoons at a time until the whole cup was worked in. The frosting was thick, sweet, mapley and great... Lots of compliments. It went on chocolate cake and 6 adults ate 2/3 of the 9" round cake!! I recommend this recipe highly!

Aug 04, 2013
joy2002 in Recipes

What are you baking these days? August 2013 edition! [through August 31, 2013]

Made a chocolate cake with maple butter cream frosting. It was easy and a HUGE hit!!

Aug 04, 2013
joy2002 in Home Cooking