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CHOW All-Purpose Baking Mix

Works great for camping! I substituted 1 out of 4 cups of cornbread mix for flour and the batter works as a cornbread [if you add more eggs] or regular pancakes [less eggs] with a cornmeal-y twist.

Sep 03, 2013
Spatialk in Recipes

Charred Okra with Bacon Jam

I substituted cayenne for the piment d'espelette and it worked out fine. I also added green beans, used buillon for the broth, and skipped the salt on the okra and didn't add too much for the jam. The dish was smokey, bacon-y, sweet and just the right amount of salty. This was easy and delicious. Also, a good excuse to make bacon jam... Not that one should ever need an excuse to make bacon jam.

Aug 04, 2013
Spatialk in Recipes