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Where to go around MOA

Hi! I am visiting Minneapolis for work tomorrow through Saturday and will be staying at the Ramada Mall of America. I won't have a car, so just places I can walk to, but any suggestions on places to eat for dinner? I am from DC and love Asian cuisine in particular, but pretty much anything else as well. I don't eat meat - just seafood. Thank you in advance!!

Where to buy canned pumpkin?

I found canned Libby's Pumpkin at Shopper's in Arlington, VA (Jefferson Davis Hwy). They have the large cans there and there were plenty!

Sunday Lunch in Baltimore Area

this place looks great. since it's so busy - do they rush you in and out? or can you take your time?

Sunday Lunch in Baltimore Area

a place with food that will blow them away and is inexpensive would be ideal. no restrictions or preferences, other than that my dad tries to stay away from carbs. this is the first time they are meeting my boyfriend so somewhere thats on the quieter side would be ideal if possible, but thats secondary to the quality of food. Thanks for taking the time and i look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Sunday Lunch in Baltimore Area

My parents are coming to meet my boyfriend and me for lunch either in Baltimore or north of it and they are driving two hours so i want to make it worth their while. Any suggestions on a good place to go for lunch on Sunday?

The Blue Duck Tavern

I'm not saying others' points are not valid, I'm simply saying my experience was everything I expected and more. Too bad you had sub par experience both times you dined there - I'd say give it another shot because my meal was flawless!

The Blue Duck Tavern

Last night I ate at the Blue Duck Tavern for the first time and it was amazing. I thought I should share the details of my experience because while looking up the restaurant on here last night before I went, there were several raves, but also many complaints about what you get for the price, and I beg to differ.

My experience was flawless. Our service was perfect, just attentive enough to come refill my wine glass or water glass when running low, but in no way obtrusive. My server was incredibly knowledgeable about the menu and made many suggestions that were right on.

We started with a dozen oysters and the bone marrow appetizer, both of which were excellent. There were some complaints about how the food is served on platters and for that price you shouldn't have to serve yourself. Personally, I love being able to try a few different things for each course and the way they serve each dish makes it perfect for sharing. I imagine that if you are dining alone the individual serving platters may seem unnecessary, but if you have company I think the serving platters are ideal.

For our main course, we had the duck which was cooked perfectly, and the pork. We also got the semi-famous fries that are cooked in duck fat, and per our servers suggestion, tried the grits and leeks as well. The grits were out of this world, perhaps my favorite dish of the night. The fries met expectations and the leeks were perfectly seasoned and delicious.

For dessert, we ordered the banana milk chocolate custard and the peach ice cream, both of which were fantastic. Overall, I would highly recommend any of the dishes that I ordered.

Another great thing is that the wine list is very reasonable and comprehensive. We ordered a bottle of the 2002 Bodegas Alion Tinto Riserva, which was priced at $100 on the menu. If you search for this bottle elsewhere, retail is around the same price. A fantastic bottle of wine for a really reasonable price is hard to come by!

Overall, I would say that the food, the service, and the wine were impeccable. While too expensive to become a regular spot, I would not hesitate to go back for a special occasion and highly recommend you try it if you have not done so already.