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ISO Romanesco Artichokes

I agree that for other applications, the small ones are great, but when you fry them whole (but trimmed, of course) you're basically making artichoke chips, so the large ones are lovely.

I'm sure in Italy the green ones work well, but for some reason, the green artichokes I'm able to buy here are lackluster for frying. For some reason, the purple ones I've been able to find have been in better shape, maybe because they're considered a specialty product and treated more carefully.

ISO Romanesco Artichokes

No luck at Russo's! Honestly, their artichokes always look kind of sad. I'm aiming to make something like the artichokes they serve at Sora Margherita and Gigetto in Rome--I've attached a photo. I was successful two years ago, but last year was a struggle! It's just not the same without the proper artichoke.

ISO Romanesco Artichokes

Has anyone seen Romanesco artichokes for sale in Boston? Two springs ago, they carried them at Whole Foods, but I wasn't able to find any last year. They're a large purple and green variety, perfect for frying for Carciofi alla giudia.

I scream you scream....

Toscanini's seems to have less butterfat than Christina's, so the flavors are much more pure. I agree with the recommendations for Bourbon Vienna Finger, Burnt Caramel, and Mexican Chocolate, they're all amazing. Once when I was there they had Chocolate Whiskey flavor which I still haven't forgotten, probably a year later. And another time, Burnt Caramel-Cardamom, which was a combination of two of my favorite things ever. I could go on and on. I've only ever been disappointed by the coconut ice cream, which was surprisingly bland. Also, a Mango-Khulfee seemed to have too much going on.

Hatch Green Chiles at Whole Foods- yum!

They had them at the West Medford Whole Foods as well. I was picking up ingredients for salsa so decided to use one, but I just diced it raw. It was much more mild than I expected and actually reminded me a bit of a slightly more piquant green bell pepper. I wonder if I didn't pick a good one?

Good eats near Harvard Square area? Please recommend some of your yummy faves

It may not be dinner, but make sure you don't miss L.A. Burdick chocolates on Mt. Auburn. It may be too warm for their famous hot chocolate, but you should definitely pick up some desserts.

What is the best THAI food in Boston?

I've had trouble finding good Thai ever since I ate at Pok Pok in Portland, Oregon.... If anyone has been there, is there anything like this in Boston? (Check out the whiskey soda lounge menu on their web site, I've just never seen a menu like this anywhere else. Definitely one of the most amazing food experiences of my life.

New Medford Whole Foods

That Fresh Pond one is cutthroat. I can't tell you how many times I've been shoved with carts.