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One Week in Portland

I first have to say that I am completely impressed with others ideas! It is as if they are reading my mind!! I have a few recommendations to add, if you are up for it!

1. Make sure to check out the Farmer's Market! They have great local products and are very kid friendly! When i worked at a local summer camp we used to take the kids there and they loved it!

2. I would check out for ideas about little events that pop up! They have great little tips on open wine tastings as well as special eating events! If you have the time I would look at some of the local food blogs as well (I suggest The Blueberry Files, Map & Menu, Edible Obsessions), they give great reviews and have amazing suggestions!

3. Pan Mei Miyake is amazing! I highly suggest it! I will let you know that lunch is an amazing deal there! You get a choice of 2 options for under 12 dollars. It is a great deal if you want to try it all! (Also, remember to add the spicy garlic paste to the noodle bowls if you like a bit of a kick!)

4. After you and the misses head out for dinner on Friday, I would suggest a before or after dinner drink at The Armory or Sonnys. The Armory has an amazing martini selection (always ask for the cheese plateā€¦its free!) and it has a nice romantic feeling with the darker atmosphere and soft accents around the room. Sonny's has a great feel and the infused drinks are amazing! Its a bit more fun that the armory but its a great way to check out something other than our beer selection in our fun city!

5. As another reader pointed out, I would try to go to Novare (during your happy hour selection) instead of the thirsty pig! The beer selection is amazing and the help is great! The food is good and they have a nice outside area that can keep the kids entertained! (They have cornhole and its great watching kids play with it)

6. I would try to make it to Duckfat at some point if you can. The fries are amazing and they make homemade sodas and great milkshakes!

Enjoy your time!!!