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La Montee -- new location, food still excellent

I have to second the exemplary reviews. While the ambiance is a bit lacking, the food more than makes up for it. It was both delicious and creative. We went off the 7-course tasting menu, and had a lovely duck tartar, a perfectly cooked scallop dish, deliciously seared foie gras, a veal in stock, and a goat cheese and eggplant combo that was excellent. The only "miss" in my books was an grilled octopus tentacle with white bean salad - the octopus was a bit chewy and the beans a bit hard. Everything was spectacular, as was dessert, and it was very reasonably priced for the service, quality and amount of food. Highly recommended, one of the best places i've eaten in Montreal .

May 09, 2009
endos in Quebec (inc. Montreal)


I went here with a group of people and had the 5 course fixed menu, a fish entree, a fried ball of risotto, duck three ways, kangaroo, and then truffles for dessert. On the whole I have to say I was not particularly impressed. Both the duck and the kangaroo were sauced in a red-wine reduction - really, you can't figure out more than one way to sauce things? The fried risotto ball with a pesto was an interesting idea but insubstantial and not particularly good. The kangaroo was relatively flavourless - seemed like a plain cut of beef (albeit I'd never had it before). The service was good and the food was well executed, but on the whole I thought the meal was completely lacking in imagination. There are many better restaurants at comparable prices.

May 09, 2009
endos in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

new deli at College & Clinton

Went to Caplansky's with my father today, as I am back in town from Montreal. I can't say that I am an expert on smoked meat, but I certainly eat it regularly enough (I live 10 minutes from Schwatz's and now 5 minutes from Caplansky's - talk about good fortune).

In any event, my thoughts are much the same as many other commentators. My meat, the medium, was a bit drier than I would have expected, but the smokey flavour was fantastic. I can't speak to the spicing, though I suppose in retrospect there could have been a bit more. The bread was good, the slaw a little chunky (I liked it, it was pretty vinegary), and the fries nice and crispy - you could see the kosher salt on them too. My only complaint (a minor one to be sure) was that the fries seemed a little too salty, but better this than the other way around.

The service was very friendly, and the sandwiches excellent as well. As for Schwartz's comparisons, they are definitely different. Schwartz's is a little fattier/moister, though I preferred the flavour of the Caplansky's meat. Not willing to make a judgment either way. The french fries, however, were definitely better than Schwartz's - though thats not why one would make a choice in the first place. In fact, having made hundreds of orders of fries at a Fish and Chips restaurant not far from Caplansky's with not very good fries, I would say these are some of the best restaurant fries I've had in a long time, even with the extra saltiness.

I am definitely a fan, and will certainly return.

Aug 16, 2008
endos in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

From PHX to YUL: Reviews of Montreal

Sorry to hear about your CC&P experience - I've been twice in the last year, including two weeks ago and both time the food was excellent along with the service. We ended up doing shots with our waiters last time I was there and we were given several free drinks by the manager.

Mar 22, 2008
endos in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

BBQ in Charleston, Summerville and Clemson, SC


Some friends and I are visiting South Carolina to see friends and watch some basketball, and we're stopping through Charleston, Summerville and Clemson - and we are looking for some good Que! We're pretty new to proper barbecue, and so I'm looking for any advice and recommendations that I can get. If there's anywhere I absolutely need to eat at, Que or not, I would love to hear about it as well.


Feb 21, 2008
endos in General South Archive