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Romantic restaurants in St. Louis

It's stated above, but really if you're looking to either score romance points with the SO, or just ensure that you're going to break off a little sum'n sum'n back at the hotel, Bailey's Chocolate Bar's where you need to end this date. While personally, I've lost a lot of respect for David Bailey after eating at Rooster, Bailey's Chocolate Bar is still "The Place" to end a date in St. Louis.

May 17, 2009
topchef29 in Great Plains

good coffee in St. Louis

Pretty much everyone should tell you Kaldi's. They're the "Big Dog" in town as far as competition-grade coffee goes. They roast their own, and help sponsor the Midwest Regional Barista Competition. Also, they have quality baristas that place well in nationwide competitions. There's better coffee to be had in Kansas City, but that's as good as you'll get in St. Louis.

Is Yummo really comparable to Pinkberry? [KS, MO]

New...gelato place? For real?

Has anyone tried it? Trip report, please!

This isn't Balsano's, is it? Balsano's is crap. :(

Sourcing Bulk Organic Sprouting Seeds in KC

I've found bulk radish and alfalfa seed at Green Acres in Briarcliff, but the prices there are quite a bit higher than anyplace online, and I worry about the quality of the seed, as it looks like it's been there a while.

Does anyone know a good place to get bulk organic sprouting seeds in Kansas City?

Is Yummo really comparable to Pinkberry? [KS, MO]

Talking about Yummo, must have replied to the wrong comment, but chiming in with my $.02. Apparently I can't read well.

Is Yummo really comparable to Pinkberry? [KS, MO]

Honestly, I've had pretty much the same experience at most of his establishments. The service always seems, for lack of a better way of phrasing it, awkward. Generally the product is good, but the experience is always lacking. I've never absolutely fallen in love with any of the meals at a Dalzell establishment, but I've only been terribly disappointed a handful of times out of maybe 30 times I've eaten in his restaurants. I used to be a bit enamored with Souperman, just for the concept, but for the price I'd just as soon stuff a Tarantino's Calzone in my gullet.

Yummo seems to be a bit of a joke, though...and not in the "ha ha" kind of way. It might be the only game in town as far as walking-distance "ice cream" from Sprint Center, but as empty as it's been when I've stopped by, and unfortunately from the forgettable nature of the product, I don't see it getting a lot of repeat local customers.

Lunch after Truman Museum/Independence, MO

I highly recommend the Rheinland. It's on the square in Independence across from a Scandinavian store (at least, I think it's still there...) and they have some pretty great, authentic German dishes. I always get a knackwurst with the hot potato salad (it alone can steal the show) and kraut, and order a bratwurst and red cabbage to go along with it. I can never decide between a bratwurst and a knackwurst, so I have to get both. Finish it off with some bread pudding, and you're good to go. It doesn't get much more authentic than a German restaurant with a friendly owner named Heinz Heinzelmann. My wife's family has been eating there for years, so ever since we've been together, when we go in Heinz always greets her by name, and the place feels like home.

KC - Cheesesteak joint on Troost?

I must admit, I have not.


Kato on Barry Road just east of I-29. Many great sushi experiences there. Definitely belly up to the bar, and talk to the person making your sushi!

Morel Mushrooms in Kansas City 2009?

They had both ramps and morels at Whole Foods in Overland Park over the weekend. $48 per pound.

Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City

What an oddly-typed, odd post.

Arthur Bryants has most definitely gone downhill, and I agree with theflytyr, there are times when the place seems (and tastes) downright nasty.

BBQ discussion in Kansas City is one of those things that can lead to fisticuffs if you're a naysayer of any particular KC "staple", but AB's just doesn't have it anymore and seems to exist more for nostalgia's sake rather than the sake of cranking out great plate after great plate.

That said, for my 2 cents, there's never been a dish at any other BBQ joint in KC that matches Jack Stack's burnt ends.

Kansas City area restaurant finds/ reviews

The address is right on the Pitch article:

It also comes up as the first search result when I Google 'Olympic Village Kansas City'.

kcstarguy? I hope this isn't indicative of the kind of investigative reporting we can expect from the KC Star after the most recent round of layoffs...

Tragedy in the Heartland! - KCMO

I have it on good authority they closed down due to Kansas-Citians' declining interest in consuming sub-par pastries. There used to be one right by my house, and I soon learned to skip them and turn left into the drive-thru coffee place next door for my Pain au Chocolat fix. The coffee place purchases their pastries from Le Monde Bakery on Armour Rd, and it is a far superior product.

While I agree that it's sad to see some restaurant in the metro closing due to poor economic times, most of the ones that have closed lately only have themselves to blame.

Pangea, for example. While the concept was fun and inviting the meals were extremely inconsistent. My wife and I were present at their first Valentine's Day dinner, and was so impressed with the Chateaubriand with lobster meal that we immediately signed up for their next beer pairing.

Two of the four courses were practically inedible. Lobster bisque is pretty straight-forward. Bisques are thick, rich, creamy, and if they are prefixed with the name of a crustacean, generally contain said arthropod. We were served a salty, transparent broth that tasted more of beef bouillon granules than of say...lobster. Unforgivable. The pairing ended with "Belgian Waffles" that were a quarter inch thick and possessed the taste and texture of corrugated fiberboard.

I was literally laughing hysterically throughout that meal, as it was just one joke after another. We couldn't believe our eyes, let alone our tongues; it was absolute absurdity.

After our terrible meal, we stopped in a few times to pick up a slice of their flourless chocolate torte. Less than half the time, the dessert was fresh and delicious. More often than not, it was dried out, stale, and had picked up the odors of other food. We finally just stopped going altogether.

Vinh Hoa, though? Best honeydew boba tea in the KC metro, and their baguettes were fantastic. I think it was a case of location, location, location. They simply never had any customers, but everyone who had gone there raved about it. I'm sad to see them go.

Kansas City Pizza/Mexican Food

Bah... Los Corrals was terrible the last couple of times I went there. I took a friend there as payment for helping me pick up a car, and everything tasted like an ash tray.

Imo's is alright, but if you don't mind a drive, the absolute best "St. Louis Style" pizza is at Leo's off of Englewood and 169 in the northland. Cash or check only, though. No Credit Cards. There's certainly nothing wrong with Provel on a thin crust pizza with canned mushrooms and pepperoni. It's not "fine dining" but damn if it isn't good.

Slightly off-topic since it's not downtown, but north of the river there are some really, really good "Hole In The Wall" type places. Leo's pizza, Tasty Thai (beats the hell out of Thai Place, but I'm afraid that the new Thai Place location on 64th street is going to do it in), LC's Senor Tequila's, and Hayes are those hole-in-the-wall eateries that you keep going back to, and hope that they don't fall prey to larger chain restaurants, or general apathy. Then again, Senor Tequila's is hopping now that Margarita's is closed due to a tornado taking its roof. Mmm... Senor Tequila's Enchiladas Acapulco...

Romantic beach vacation spots for a foodie couple

My wife and I will be celebrating our first anniversary in August, and are looking to stay somewhere on the beach. We live in the midwest, so we're pretty much equidistant from most beach destinations.

What we're looking for is a romantic getaway and enjoy the company of each other. What I'm getting at is that, within reason, I don't want to go somewhere that's crowded with people.

Also, and most importantly, we want to go somewhere that has great restaurants within a reasonable distance from the oceanfront hotel.

In the past, we've stayed in Corpus Christi, Myrtle Beach, and Ocean City, and each had their advantages and disadvantages. Corpus Christi has a wonderful seafood restaurant called Water Street Seafood Company, and Myrtle Beach has the House of Blues (which serves up a pretty tasty helping of Shrimp and Grits) and Phillips Seafood Market, where we went on $1 crab night, which was an absolute blast. Ocean City has Phillips Crab House, and some tasty boardwalk food (fries in a paper cone, dipped in malt vinegar anyone?), but lodging can be prohibitively expensive.

I'm up for any suggestions, as I'm sure a few people on here live in their favorite city by the ocean, and without a doubt, you guys know where to eat!

Thanks in advance.

Jun 12, 2008
topchef29 in Not About Food

The best baked pasta ever...

No problem. Just wanted to share it. By the way, left overs were just as good as I had hoped. I will be making this again soon.

Nov 19, 2007
topchef29 in Home Cooking

The best baked pasta ever...

Long time lurker, first time poster. I saw this on Digg, tried it and thought I'd share this with you guys. It's an artichoke, chicken and mushroom pasta that is going to become a staple around my kitchen.

The posting guidelines say that I should just post a link, so the link from Digg follows:

I get the feeling that the leftovers will be just as good as it was piping hot. You have to love artichokes, though.

Nov 18, 2007
topchef29 in Home Cooking