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Tipping on wine in restaurants?

Yes I'd rather a corkage fee because then the restaurant owners and managers might change our policy and this could benefit the staff. The owner would never though because he wouldn't get the revenue on the sale of the wine.

Aug 29, 2013
Waitress2013 in Wine

Funniest Thing a Server Said to You

Sounds like the raunt i work in except everyone insists that I the waitress cook the food to temperature and take it out on me after I warn them to go rare because well is a brick

Tipping on wine in restaurants?

Im a waitress in central NJ and a 20% tip on the entire bill including bottled wine is customary. I am expected to tip out my bartender on my liquor sales which includes bottled wine 7%. Therefore a $100 bottle which I am tipped out 20% on I will only actually receieve $13 before taxes are taken out. Most restaurants make waitresses claim most if not all of our tips and only pay the standard $2.00 an hour which goes towards taxes always. The terrible thing is that is someone were to tip low or 7% in their bill or bottled wine I would receive no tip at all or would actually pay for you to dine and drink at my table that night. Owners dont always care to change these policies so we get paid and only care about themselves.

Jul 27, 2013
Waitress2013 in Wine