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Elf Cafe in Echo Park - So Tiny and Cute!

Just had my third dinner over there, and I have to say that the Elf Cafe has passed the Hollis test. Avocado tahine is outstanding. The tomato and feta cheese tart is also extraordinary. I've also enjoyed dug the lasagna, potato salad and mac-cheese. Nice staff too.

Am I the only one who thinks Cheesecake Factory is overrated?

So I've been going to various Los Angeles-area Cheesecrack Factories since childhood, and honestly, I've never been able to figure out the insane appeal. The pastas I've had are pretty average. Salads can be hit-or-miss. The desserts are great, but really, is there anything more to the CF than the cake? Opinions please.

Mar 16, 2008
Hollis Greene in Chains

Best Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown

Fourth on Yang Chow. Consistently great service. Never had a bad meal.


I have to echo Silence9's statements. The key to Casa Bianca is ordering the right toppings. Back when I was an omnivore, the sausage was divine. Since my veggie days began, I've become an eggplant convert. CB is easily the "best in L.A." in my humble opinion.

Malo: Never Before has a Restaurant's Name been so accurate.

Service at Malo has been, um, "malo" since they opened. Horribly overpriced too, but what do you expect from the same folks who brought you the Echo? Some dishes are good -- none are superb. Lobster tacos are decent. The pico de gallo is perhaps the best tasting thing they have.

Best Nachos?

Not mad at the Nachos Bell Grande. I'm personally a big fan of the nachos from Baja Fresh in Los Feliz (next to Costco/Best Buy). And Sharky's in Pasadena.

dim sum in L.A.

I still love Empress Pavilion no matter what people say. 888 Seafood Restaurant is another sure shot. CBS is overrated IMHO.

Rick's "Best Food in L.A."

I've been going to the Rick's on the corner of Riverside Drive and Fletcher adjacent to Silverlake for many years, and have always been amused by their "Best Food in L.A." sign. So audacious. Now clearly it's not the BEST food in L.A., but I do have a soft spot for their cheeseburgers, onion rings and fried zucchini. Are there any other guiltless Rick's-goers on Chowhound?

ISO dinner delivery in Mt. Washington

I've been in the same boat as you for years. There's honestly not a lot of options. I'm guessing the "pan Asian" place you're talking about is the Thai spot on Fletcher. I've actually had some decent dishes from that place -- also some lame ones. I've always believed that if a quality Chinese delivery or Italian delivery spot opened up close to Mt. Washington, they'd make a killing.

Pacific Dining Car - Never Again

PDC is all about the breakfast items (non-steak breakfast items, that is). I've personally never had a problem down there.

LA for 4 days--Vegetarian friendly

Japanese: Sushi Go55 (Little Toyko) or Musha (Torrance)

Mexican: Alegria (Silverlake)

Vegetarian: M Cafe (Melrose) or Vegan Glory (West L.A.)

Indian: Paru's (Hollywood)

Has the Brite Spot in Echo Park gone completely downhill?

I know this place has been dissed to infinity, but there was a few dishes I really fell in love with: the country-fried steak and eggs, and the breakfast quesadilla. Since Julio (the "mayor" of Silverlake) stopped working there, it seems that the service has just gotten worse-and-worse. This past Friday, things hit an all-time low for me when I sat down, and received ZERO service for almost 20 minutes. And for most of those 20 minutes, I was subjected to overhearing the head server/manager lady complain about having to work on the day after Thanksgiving. She was just blabbing away, while my wife and I are waiting for something to happen: a menu, some water, anything!!!

We ended up leaving the restaurant, thoroughly disgusted with the absolute lack of service. Has anyone had similar problems over there in the last six months?

Favorite meals at Whole Foods?

The teriyaki salmon bowl is superb (I've had it at both the Glendale and new Pasadena locations).


Tacos Delta has the best chilaquiles I have ever tasted.

Best Chinese in Chinatown?

Yes, Sam Woo is great. Pan-fried chow mein is A+. Peking duck ain't bad either.

Best Chinese in Chinatown?

Empress is definitely my go-to spot for Chinatown dim sum.

enough is enough... WHATS THE BEST SUSHI IN LA??

Extra kudos to Go 55. Amazing stuff.