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Zatanya's booked. Now What?

Another great restau that offers small plates (tapas) and is fun for groups is Jaleo on 7th St. The food is great and reasonably priced, plus they offer a yummy Spanish sparkling wine (Cava) which makes any party memorable!

Croquembouche Bakery in DC/NoVA

There's a little French bakery in Falls Church VA called Baguette Republique. Their bread is really excellent. They make some beautiful French pastries. You might check with the owner to see if he'd make it as a special order. There's also another new bakery down the street on Broad St, but I can't remember the name. It's pretty close to the intersection of Broad St. and Washington St. It's a woman's name, maybe Victoria?!?!? Sorry, but maybe it's worth a cruise down Broad St. You'd at least be sure to score a good croissant or pain-au-chocolat!