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2013 Food and Restaurant OPENINGS

I live close by, so went in for lunch. It is poorly set up with the drinks on the opposite side from where you order your food and the garbage/recycling at the back of the restaurant rather than on your way out.

I ordered the lamb sandwich and my wife ordered the balsamic chicken sandwich. After waiting a longer time than it should take to make 2 sandwiches, the person behind us got their sandwich before us and the girl at the counter had to confirm that the kitchen got our order. There was no one ahead of us BTW.

The sandwiches both had a lack of taste. The lamb sandwich tasted dry and the bread didn't taste fresh. The balsamic vinegar was dripping all over he chicken sandwich. I never thought I'd recommend Subway over another sandwich place, but you are better off walking a few doors down to get a tastier and cheaper sandwich there.