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Les Cocottes de Constant?

highly recommended, great food, pleasant service and don't forget the chocolate tart ...... a must try.

Oct 17, 2010
malan in France

Burgundy Restaurants

Can anybody recommend a restaurant that is open on Sunday?

Sep 28, 2010
malan in France

Burgundy Restaurants

I'm staying in Chambolle-Musigny for 3 nights and need some help with restaurants. I'll be in the area on an upcoming Sat, Sun, and Mon. It seems a lot of restaurants are closed on Sunday and I especially need help for that day. I'll have a car and am willing if necessary to drive to Dijon or Beaune area.Please give me comments, suggestions and additions to my list.I need to pick 3 dinners and 2 lunches. Thanks.
La Cabotte
Le Montrachet
La Chambolle
Ma Cuisine
Le Millesime
Abbaye de la Bussiere(i think open sunday)
Le Chassagne
Olivier Leflaive - how's the tasting?

Sep 06, 2010
malan in France


I have a reservation at Minetta Tavern for 8:00pm on a Sunday but need to change it because I decided to attend an event at that time.I want to eat after the event and need to find a restaurant that still serves. Should I move the Minetta Tavern reservation to 10:00pm. or should I try a different restaurant? Has anybody been to Minetta Tavern later on Sunday?

Jun 02, 2009
malan in Manhattan

Macao Trading or Bagatelle

Looking for weekend late night place to eat around 11;00p.m. that is still open and busy. Thinking Bagatelle or Macao Trading? Has anybody been late and what did you think? Other suggestions welcome.

May 26, 2009
malan in Manhattan

DC Lunch

Need suggestions for lunch while visiting DC. Will be mostly around the Mall area, checking out the museums and sites. Would like to break up the day and stop for nice lunches. Cost and location not an issue. Also going to stroll Georgetown, any ideas? Thanks.

Province, Eve, Aigre Doux or Graham Elliot

After reading many posts, special thanks to nsxtasy, I'm thinking Province as my other dinner choice. I'm considering also North Pond and still curious about Eve. I'm doing Sunday brunch at David Burke and leaning Topolobampo for Friday lunch with Sat lunch open, maybe something fun and casual. Any other comments about Province, North Pond and Eve appreciated.

Mar 16, 2009
malan in Chicago Area

Pre MSG Event Dinner for 6

Looking for moderate priced good restaurant for 6 people for dinner before a Garden event on Sat night. Would prefer restaurant in vicinity, walking distance or short cab ride. A place that offers small plates to share, nothing to heavy would be great. On a previous post someone mentioned Pranna?

Feb 26, 2009
malan in Manhattan

tableXchange reservations

Has anyone used to secure hard to get restaurant reservations. If so, was it reliable? Is it appropriate or will I feel sneaky using somebody else's name?

Jan 27, 2009
malan in Not About Food

Help with 2 nights

I need help choosing two restaurants for my upcoming weekend stay.My wife and I are in our late 30's and enjoy great food and wine. We have heard a lot about Sixteen, Charlie Trotter and Avenues. We would rather choose other restaurants that are not so sedate and serious. We are also not crazy about Steak Houses or chain restaurants. We think we would like Blackbird, Zealous, Tru, Alinea, Moto or Naha? We also like fusion restaurants like Japonaise. The atmosphere is also important, we would like to have some fun with our experience.Would love to hear any recent visits or other suggestions.

Apr 09, 2008
malan in Chicago Area

Late Night Party of 6

My event is on a Thursday night. I've been to Balthazar and Buddakan and both were
exactly what I had in mind, except I would like to try something new.

Nov 19, 2007
malan in Manhattan

south beach restaurants

Spending 4 nights in south beach. Already been to Barton G,,Prime 112, Casa Tua, Tantra, Touch. Pacific Time, Pearl, Touch, Nobu, Ago,,,

Was thinking: Blue Door, Vix, The Social, Setai or Table 8 ?
Would appreciate any comments or feedback on the choices.

Nov 18, 2007
malan in Florida

Late Night Party of 6

Looking for a hot scene restaurant for late night after an event. We are a group of six, would rather have a reservation. We don't care what area or price. Our event doesn't end until 11:00p.m.,Any ideas?

Nov 18, 2007
malan in Manhattan