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I don't understand Jeni's

Jeni's is ok. It's not the best ice cream I've had, and it's not the worst. Graeter's is totally overrated, imo. They put chocolate chips in almost everything, which is really annoying for those of us who don't like chocolate in our ice cream. I actually prefer Velvet for Ohio's ice creams. Nothing snooty - just good, reasonably priced ice cream.

Mar 29, 2015
BostonLover in Los Angeles Area

Bring your shopping cart back where it belongs, please!

I'm not ok with letting a door slam on ANYONE. Able-bodied individuals included. It's courtesy toward our fellow citizens. The same courtesy as taking a cart back to a corral or the store so it doesn't hit a car (I don't care how well you park it - I've seen wind push carts into cars), become obstacles for the disabled, etc. Both are rude and wrong, in my opinion.

Bring your shopping cart back where it belongs, please!

Uh, no. You are responsible for your child. Not everyone else. While it's nice to have others help, like they do in my community, I most certainly do NOT expect people to be inconvenienced because I chose to have children. SMH.

The best first date spot, especially for foodies: the Sushi Bar. Agree or Disagree?

A sushi bar can be a great first date. I've done so myself in my past dating life. The way you're describing your expectations, however, sounds like an awful first date. Sushi bar or not. You're going to be single for a long time if you come with a checklist of superficial items. Having the exact same tastes is boring, anyway. My husband loves sashimi, while I prefer the rolls you disdain. We've been together 10 years, married 5. Throwing someone out of the running over something so minor is silly.

Why do most food blog recipes suck?

Most people just go for the shiny, pretty pictures. I seem to be out of the norm as I find the pictures distracting, and it's annoying to scroll through so many to get to the recipe. One or two pictures - fine. I don't need 27 pictures of every single step and 5 of the finished product.

Feb 22, 2015
BostonLover in Food Media & News

Is Costco Making Us Fat?

I have a very hard time believing that our species has somehow mutated in a few decades to where 30% of us now suffer from a condition in which eating fewer calories while simultaneously burning more will not result in weight loss. Chronic obesity is one thing. Run-of-the-mill, American obesity is quite another.

I also disagree with the doctor, as does modern medicine. There is no possible way that one will not lose weight by eating less and moving more. It's simple science.

Are you a food hoarder ?

Definitely. Mine stems from finding fantastic deals and stocking up on our favorites, only to see when I get home that I already stocked up during a previous sale. Our deep freezer and pantry are stuffed to the brim. Recently, I went through them and moved the oldest items to the front. I've vowed to abstain from buying like items until we've gone through the stash.

Feb 15, 2015
BostonLover in General Topics

Is Costco Making Us Fat?

You probably also exercise regularly. I totally agree with you and lead a similar life, but we are not the norm. That is why people are fat. Maintaining a healthy weight isn't complex - eat less, move more. It is, however, very hard for those who struggle with self-discipline and willpower.

Is Costco Making Us Fat?

Very true, and I should've added the caveat excepting those with medical conditions in my original post. However, unless the rise in obesity is proportional to a rise in medical conditions causing weight problems, we can't blame our being fat on underlying health conditions.

Is Costco Making Us Fat?

Technology is making us fat. Where are the articles demonizing cars, robots, and computers? Our grandparents ate lots of carbs and full-fat dairy and meats (today's animals are bred to be leaner, in many cases) and the obesity rates weren't nearly as bad as they are today. But they walked more and didn't zone out in front of their computers, phones, TVs, etc.

I'm sick of articles trying to blame this, that, or the other. No one is responsible for a person being fat except that person.

Easy ideas for drop in guests (for a new mom!)

Congrats on the little one! I echo what others have said. A couple nice cheeses and a variety of crackers are always a hit. I also keep dried fruits (dates are nice this time of year and pair well with cheese), fresh fruit if you have it, nuts, olives, etc. Just arrange everything on a platter and your guests will think you're a rock star (which, being so considerate with a newborn, you are!).

Pernod Cream Sauce

Does anyone have a recipe for Pernod Cream Sauce? We recently had the most amazing pan-seared scallops with it, but the restaurant declined to divulge the recipe. I've seen several online, but am wondering if any 'Hounders have a tried-and-true recipe.

Sep 18, 2014
BostonLover in Home Cooking

What 's the wierdest recipe you have found and would you attempt it?

Not really. Native Americans were (are) known for using all of the animal, and they've been around for a loonnnng time.

Aug 28, 2014
BostonLover in Home Cooking

Your Giant American Refrigerator Is Making You Fat And Poor

Interesting article. I think for many Americans, yes, their fridge can contribute to their obesity. But that's more indicative of their mindset and less of the fridge itself. For my family, it helps us to eat better. My husband and I both have very busy careers, so we often make several meals on the weekends and refrigerate them so we can reheat them during the week. Our fridge, while standard American size and not the extra large models on the market today, allows us to prep salads, wraps, and other healthy lunches, and dinners full of veggies and lean proteins to grab and go during the week. Not to mention healthy snacks like low fat cheese and yogurt, pre-cut veggies and fruit, etc. I would love to be able to shop several times a week, but we live in a rural area and driving 20 minutes to the grocery store a few times a week just isn't feasible.

Jul 30, 2014
BostonLover in Food Media & News

Low carber avoiding restaurants

I'm not a low carber but I generally avoid restaurants because I can usually make the same thing at home for a lot cheaper. Usually we only go out to places where it would be too time intensive or complex to make the dishes which, in my Midwestern city, doesn't leave a lot of options! We usually invite friends over or they us. However, I do think that restaurants should offer more low carb friendly options. Considering it's a diet movement that's been here for over a decade at least, you'd think they would. Gluten-free seems to be getting all the buzz these days, with a least 10 dishes touted as gluten free at a recent restaurant we visited. SMH.

Help me expand my grilling repertoire

You beat me to it. We use prepackaged naan and a variety of toppings for an easy, fun, make-your-own pizza night. We throw just about anything on the grill to try it out. Love grilled sausages, especially chorizo, and grilled seafood - clams, fish, shrimp, etc. All veggies and fruits are game, too. Grilled pineapple with a butter/brown sugar glaze or peaches stuffed with goat cheese and drizzled with honey are out of this world. Grilled cabbage, artichokes, and cauliflower (separately, not at the same time!) seem odd, but are very delicious! Also grilled potatoes of many different recipes.

Adam Richman goes too far

This guy is famous for shoveling obnoxious amounts of food down his gullet and trying not to throw up afterward. I'm shocked that he's a d*** in real life (sarcasm). That he even had a show to begin with is telling of American culture...and we wonder why we're fat.

Jul 06, 2014
BostonLover in Food Media & News

Plan a month's menu on SNAP benefits.

Here in Ohio, section 8 isn't driven by market rate. It's driven by what a family can afford to pay after a pre-set calculation. So if a section 8-approved owner wanted to charge $800 and the government determined that the family can only afford $100, the family will only pay $100 and the government will cover the rest. But owners have to jump through a bunch of hoops to even be approved, so maybe it's different here?

Jun 05, 2014
BostonLover in General Topics

Plan a month's menu on SNAP benefits.

I'm not sure how you calculated yours, but I used $600 for rent and $300 for utilities and came back with $211/month. While not feasting, I think that's enough to provide basic nutrition for dinners only.

Jun 05, 2014
BostonLover in General Topics

Pesky Yankees, cut the volume, please!

Perhaps it's only noticed when the patrons are loud and brash? It could be that you're surrounded by Americans, but you would never know it because they're being drowned out by the loud mouths. We normal Americans hate loud mouths just as much as the hosting countries do. We have a huge nation. Of course there will be many more bad apples amongst us. Personally, my family is always very respectful and keep our tones low - both at home and abroad. It has to do with class and respect for those around you. Don't paint us all with the same bad brush!

Jun 05, 2014
BostonLover in France

"Should the Government Force Food-Stamp Users to Eat Better?"

I agree with banning certain items which serve no nutritional value when other options are easily had - namely, soda and energy drinks. The person can buy milk or get water for free. However, many people live in "food deserts" where healthy options aren't as readily available. For them, I'm less judgey of them buying processed or ready-to-eat foods. As far as welfare fraud...as a nurse married to a retail pharmacist - it's rampant. I can't count the number of times a person drives off in a 40 or 50k car after handing over a medical or SNAP card.

Jun 05, 2014
BostonLover in Food Media & News

Do You Buy Penny Cookbooks (used) from Amazon?

I buy the penny books all the time. Not just cookbooks, but books for myself and the kids, as well. I've always been 100% satisfied. In fact, with some of the cookbooks, I've been delighted to find notes made by the original holder of them or inscriptions people have written to the recipient when they were given as gifts.

Jun 02, 2014
BostonLover in Not About Food

Pasta Salad recipes

I make a lot of pasta salad in the hot summer months. Sometimes I plan it and sometimes it's whatever's on hand. I love a caprese version with tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella and olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing. Another favorite is a bunch of veggies chopped up and homemade Italian dressing. For a main course, we've been loving buffalo chicken pasta salad - a pasta that will grip sauce (we like rotini or penne), ranch or blue cheese dressing mixed with hot sauce to taste, green onion, celery, and diced chicken (throw a few extra on the grill for this). Easy and so tasty!

May 25, 2014
BostonLover in Home Cooking

Anyone else disgusted with dogs in restaurants?

I'm not disgusted by dogs, crying babies, or snotty toddlers in restaurants. I'm a fairly laid back person, though. I love all three - yes, even crying babies. I AM disgusted by people who think service dogs are a ruse and are almost hateful when speaking about innocent children. You were once a snotty toddler too, my dears.

Current Tone on the Boards

Your story is anecdotal based on your experience, as is mine. I love both pedestrian food and more refined foods. I don't treat people rudely because of their preference, though, which I seem to see a lot of on the threads these days. And the cliques are definitely there. It's definitely off-putting to newbies and discourages them from posting. Again, purely my experience.

Current Tone on the Boards

As a newbie (less than a year) my observations are thus:

CH is extremely cliquey. If you're a newbie, you will rarely receive a response, and usually those responses will treat you as if you are a dolt.

'Hounds tend to be elitists. This is saddening, as good food is had in both lowbrow and highbrow situations and institutions. 'Hounds complain...a LOT...about food which they deem to be substandard, which often isn't even the case. There seems to be a lot of scorn for "trends" even when the food is good stuff, just hyped at the moment.

There are a lot of good people with interesting, helpful info on here. But the tone seems going more towards those who use food as a way to feel better about themselves and insult others. While I'm new, I don't believe that's what the original intent of this board was.

Top 10 Most Overblown Food/Beverage Trends

I think food snobbery and "oh I'm sooo above xyz trend" is overblown. To each their own. Do food trends annoy me from time to time? Certainly. But not nearly as much as people bemoaning them. Sometimes it takes middle America longer to catch on to trends than we 'hounds. And that's fine. If you don't want to eat it, don't eat it. I, for one, tend to err on the optimistic side and think it's great that "average" people are getting excited about food. 'Nuff said.


Chipotle is not very healthy. It's fast food wrapped up in a pretty package. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I don't fool myself into believing it's healthy.

Feb 27, 2014
BostonLover in Chains

"Shelf Life" site, EatByDate.com, guidlines on eating it past date.

The military has done studies on canned food and found it's safe to eat 50+ years past its canning date. Cans have been found in shipwrecks and buried that are 100 years old and still safe to eat when opened and tested.

Feb 15, 2014
BostonLover in General Topics

are hounds smarter than your average bear? want opinions

Like Cookie Monster said, the average age here appears to be 40-50. Also, as someone who was on pregnancy boards just a year ago (The Bump, primarily) - yeah, those girls are cuckoo for cocoa puffs and not very bright. I don't think it means 'Hounds are smarter. I think it means those girls are dumber, imho.

Jan 13, 2014
BostonLover in Not About Food