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Where to buy raw peanuts

I'm sorry are you looking for peanuts fresh out of the ground ie with the shells still intact, or raw peanuts that are dried but not cooked?
If you are looking for the later, try any large Asian market in the dried goods section normally by the seaweed and dried vegetables area.
As for the fresh variety, I think you have to wait till Fall...

1 day ago
Shazz in Greater Boston Area

SE Mass Sausage Search: New Bedford, Fall River, Fairhaven, Wareham, Marion, RI...

Hi for sausages, I know Chef a Roni in West Warwick RI does bring in Schuller Webber German style small goods. If you are looking for British products they do carry quite a decent variety of teas and sauces. I have found the Warwick RI Bed Bath and Beyond (who knew) carries World goods so an interesting array of sauces and condiments can be found there.
If you like pies, Hartley's Original Pork Pies in Fall River MA is a good option. Get the gravy on the side if you are not planning to eat them immediately as the crust will get too soggy. You can get them individual or family sized. I believe they do carry salmon pies on Fri.

Ellie's Bakery in Providence

I've never been able to get down to Ellie's for breakfast but their lunch sandwiches are always great. Especially anything to do with the pork mm good. I think half the battle with a great sandwhich is the bread, and Ellie's bakes their own in house, as they also do for their sister restaurant Gracie's.
Try their macarons, their flavours are always changing and they are one of the few places that do make them in house. I'm not too keen on their cakes though...

Jul 29, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Quick Newport trip report

Joanie! Thanks for the info on Meg's Milk Bar, a perfect place for a quick lunch or snack right on Bellevue Ave. The chicken and leek pie was so satisfying, think creamy filling and tender crust, the lamb sandwich was messy eating at its best (warm seasoned lamb cut with some feta and crunchy onions). Milo shake was the bomb - rich malty chocolate flavor!

Jul 21, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Now Eating Rhode Island, July 2015

Have heard about Gokd Stone but haven't been to them yet.
Didn't enjoy Red House, the food was spicy but I found the dishes we order underwhelming. We saw a few people order the hot pot.

Jul 15, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Quick Newport trip report

OMG, there's an Aussie Milk bar here in Newport?! I must be living under a rock! In fact I pass Bellevue all the time and have not noticed this place! Geez need to get my eyes check ASAP!
Thanks for the info Joanie, I can now get my sausage roll fix without going all the way to Boston or Brooklyn!

Jul 14, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Sagres Fall River MA reopens

I believe so! It's a new 2 floor brand new building.

Jul 13, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Sagres Fall River MA reopens

I just heard that Sagres has reopened to much anticipated fan fare. Has anyone been? I hear the place is now a more modern restaurant and has a large bar but the party that went got impatient with the wait and left without ordering.

Jul 11, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Bywater (Warren, RI)

Thank you for the review on this new eatery. Can't wait to try them out.

Jul 09, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Now Eating Rhode Island, July 2015

We've been looking around for authentic Chinese cuisine for awhile. We tried Red Ginger in Johnston, it was alright, nothing to shout about. They say their pink menu is Hong Kong style's passable.
Was pleasantly surprised when we found authentic Szechuan cuisine in Pawtucket at Chengdu Taste. Warning food is spicy and is mah la( tingling sensation form Szechuan peppercorns) and with this type of cuisine, most would say it is oily from their use of chilli oil. We tried their bang bang chicken ( poached chicken tossed in spicy and numbing chilli oil cut with cucumbers and cilantro) which was v good. I know offal isn't very popular but their stir fried kidneys (pork) was clean tasting! The guys there do speak English and are v willing to guide you through their authentic menu just tell them in advance your slick tolerance level. I love that is place is so much closer than another Szechuan place in Sharon MA.

Jul 02, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

First trip to Boston

Thank you for that comprehensive list. Your making me hungry!

Jun 17, 2015
Shazz in Greater Boston Area

Lunch near Ikea??

Chicken Kabob Restaurant at 756 Washington St Stoughton. Nothing to look at think cafeteria style but the guy does home style Mediterranean cuisine. Their Kabobs are great so too his daily specials. It is huge portions for a v decent price and their milk pudding and baklavas are great!

Jun 13, 2015
Shazz in Greater Boston Area

Where to pick up picnic lunch between Essex and Gillette Castle

Simon's Marketplace in Chester is great! You can get sandwiches, salads and drinks. Look for their specials board, some very tasty stuff comes out from there. Don't miss out on their homemade pies, nothing to look at but they are delicious. I like their salt bread ( it's like a baguette with course salt rolled on the outside). There's a tiny cupcake place called the Cupcakery literally 4 shops down but it's only ok

Jun 13, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Oysters in Rhode Island

Anthony's does have oysters, but we normally go for the fried stuff and chowdah there (3 versions are available)

May 05, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

PVD/RI * May '15 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

No Sushi Yama is closed already?! It was a lovely space. I think the fact that they only served dinner didn't help their business.

Apr 29, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Lunch on a Monday in Bristol, RI

Yes, yes Beehive Cafe is the way to go. Get a table outside if the weather is good. The BLT on flaxseed bread or the butternut squash sandwich is a great choice. You can do breakfast till 3ish too. Just down the street is an ice cream shop I think it's called Daily Scoop great choice of favors or if Gray's ice cream kiosk right on the water by Dewolf Tavern is open get their ginger ice cream! Didn't think much of Quitos or Dewolf and Lobster Pot is overpriced.
Another option is Bristol sunset Cafe they make everything in house, I love their corned beef there and they do serve lunch but we haven't tried their lunch menu

Apr 16, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

New Rivers + Providence

Food is blah, nicely written menus and great plating but really ordinary. Worst thing is the lot next to the restaurant is not validated at $10 a pop so not worth it!

Apr 12, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Newport, RI lunch spots needed

Mission is a great place for burgers and hot dogs. Pasta Beach for pizzas and pastas and right on Long wharf ( behind Marriott hotel) is Newport Lobster a Shack, they have a food truck saving lobsters from their co-op, check for hours and coz its on a wharf it is sheltered but can be a lil chilly on windy days

Apr 10, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England


I've bought some from Salumeria Italiana 151 Richmond St but that was during the Christmas/ New Year period. Call them first before you make the trip...

Mar 29, 2015
Shazz in Greater Boston Area

St Paddy Corned Beef....

Can't agree with you more but CB these days are just tough like leather. Have you tried the low n slow method like oven braising for 4 + hours? Also I find the point cut though fattier, which you can cut off later superior in terms of juiciness. Make sure you let the meat rest before you slice also helps!
I read on ATK but I can't remember clearly you either start with hot flavoured broth and then add the meat or was it cold liquid and cold meat...sorry, maybe someone else can recall...

Mar 15, 2015
Shazz in Home Cooking

Now Eating RI: 3/15

Thanks ursalita for the recommendation! New place to try, yay :)

Mar 12, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Providence Area - Dining with a Munchkin

Chez Pascal has the Wurst Kitchen which is quiet at lunch time, the Grange is also quiet at off peak hours (vegetarian option), North Bakery by the guys from North is quiet but I don't know if they have tables and chairs ( they have a long counter but I didn't see any chairs). Have you tried Denden a Kotean/ Japanese cafe on Benefit street?

Mar 09, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Enoteca Umberto - Providence

So embarrassed but we finally made it here, but omg what have we been missing?! It is a tiny place but it makes up in character, Umberto is a character! The food, is simple but good solid honest cooking!
From their imported mozzarella, which was creamy like a burratta, to their fig and Gorgonzola crostini to their pastas( an arribata) sublime! They have quite an impressive selection of speciality wines and amaro. You can tell this young couple enjoy their food and wine and life and want to share these pleasures with the rest of the world!
Go in for a bite and the weight of the world won't feel so heavy!
Thank you Jenkins for sharing this hidden gem!

Mar 01, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Providence Liquor Stores

Try Gassparo's wine on Federal Hill or Bin 312 in the Fox Point neighbourhood. Call them first though. I have seen Fernet at the bigger stores like Chris Gasparro's in Seekonk MA

Feb 28, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Brunch at Island Creek-Anyone Been?

We have done lunch there and loved it! Just a smaller menu but we loved what they offered...

Feb 24, 2015
Shazz in Greater Boston Area

One dinner, Providence

Gracie's is a great choice! Enjoy your stay

Feb 23, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Any reports on Red Dory, Tiverton RI?

Pleased to say that we went to Red Dory for dinner last night and meal was pretty good. The restaurant is located with stunning views of the Sakonnet River, I'm sure it will be gorgeous sitting Al fresco in the warmer months looking out on the water. (Couldn't see much as we went there after sunset). Interior is nicely done, clean sleek wood panelling with a cosy wood fuelled fire. Tables are set further apart so it's good for handicap access and also one would not get hit but some lady's pocketbook accidentally swig into ones head!
Sunday night specials are a tapas style menu, which made us in the mood for a small bites meal. Specials we tried were the grilled chicken livers with bacon vinnegrette (delish) and the ham and cheese croquettes.
The ceviche of the night was fluke with bay scallops and for added texture there was pommegranate seeds (Moreish), the skillet roasted head on shrimp with chilli oil and lime were excellent ( we ate them she'll and all as the shells were crunchy).
You must end with a sweet note as I believe the desserts are done in house, the lemon buttermilk pudding was excellent so too the pear and cranberry cobbler w ice cream.
Overall a nice addition to the Tiverton area.

One dinner, Providence

Any particular cuisine you are interested in? Also if it's in the warmer months, I suggest you see the water fire that happens in Downtown Providence. A lot of restaurants are closed on Mondays....

Feb 23, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Middlesex County CT eats...

Just spent a few days here and had some great meals. In Chester, we enjoyed Simons Marketplace for a quick lunch, their hot meals are especially good in this wintery weather, don't forget their homemade pies! Had a nice V Day meal at River Tavern where surprise surprise it was an ala carte menu, yay!
Old Saybrook we tried Som Siam East, v v authentic Thai food. Som tum (green papaya salad) was like what you would get in Bangkok, the Pad see Ew ( stir fried rice noodles) had a great wok flavour and their Laarb ( ground meat salad) had the roasted rice that is sometimes missing in a lot of restaurants. Jamms was a great place for breakfast/ brunch, must get at least a side order of their huge pancakes (called flips). Dagmars desserts is nearby its a German bakery, wasn't too impressed with what we got but if anyone is looking for stollen, I think they have them all year!

Feb 17, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England

Now Eating RI: 1/15

We found The Dorrance a gorgeous setting, food was lovely to look at but no real flavor or textures. Here at Birch especially since their shaky start, Chef Sukle seems to have upped his game on flavor, texture and creativity. I guess when you are the Chf/ owner you can do what you want.
We were not too keen on the shellfish porridge, not that the flavor was not good, it just somehow seemed to be like the menu states, a porridge, something I think too much of an am thing.
We loved the blueberry dessert, especially the surprise find of the homemade pillowy soft marshmallow inside.
Am itching to try Red Dory, Metacomet Kitchen and Mama Kim's shop ( love the food truck but balancing that container of food isn't the easiest thing)

Jan 27, 2015
Shazz in Southern New England