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atomic cookies

Have you ever heard cookies call ' atomic cookies' ?
I had this cookies at metropulos fine food merchant in santa barbara,CA.

it was about 4 inch size.1/2 inch or so of thickness.almost like small tart.
half chocolate dough,half vanilla dough.
it's got chocolate chunk,macadamia,coconut,praline,and chocolate glaze on top.

It was so huge & looked fabulous ,so I was very exited to try this.
it was good. wasn't good as I hoped.
but it was very attractive look .

I have never hard of this cookie,and couldn't find anything like this on Google.
is this chef who works this deli's own creation ?
or is there basic cookie recipe something like this combination ?

Jul 12, 2008
ymushi in General Topics

Favorite Food Network Chef

why giada ? I don't understand.
she became too annoying to watch.

Jul 07, 2008
ymushi in Food Media & News

What's for dinner?

rice gratin Mexican style. white sauce mixed with salsa,chard jalapeno, nacho cheese sauce,jack cheese, over spicy Mexican rice . sprinkle crushed tortilla chips , then baked. pretty much everything from left over. It was very spicy & it was pretty good.

Jun 27, 2008
ymushi in Home Cooking

Limes for a dessert but not key Lime pie any other

I made Ina garten's lime curd tart ? or pie.
curd I made tart, but this curd id great with fresh strawberry.
we ate curd as dip for strawberry more than tart.
I think recipe is on the food net work web site.

Mar 16, 2008
ymushi in Home Cooking

use of pandan paste

I purchased pandan paste for baking few different cakes.
but I would like to use it for cookies,too.
I searched how to use this product.
seems like for cakes, Malaysian ( south east country )sweet are the most of things I found.
I found only one cookie recipe for cookies ( use pandan ).

If anybody knows cookie recipe which use pandan paste.
Would you please share with me ?
thank you.

Mar 16, 2008
ymushi in Home Cooking

$45 Strawberries from Japan

oh- yes. probably Japan is the only country pay extremely expensive price for fruit in the world.
almost insane price for fruits. ( maybe insane)
$100-$150 for water melon, box of cherry,melon,grapes etc.

but they grow them with extreme care.
just like kobe beef grower.

these are not coming to everybody's table.
most of the time those are for gift or rich people.

Jan 31, 2008
ymushi in Features

home made pizza dough

shaping pizza ? that's one of problem part, too.
I don't mind what pizza shape is.
I try to make circle every time.
most of the time end up not circle.
I need practice for this...

yes pizza stone ? I thought so...
now I really want to try baking on the pizza stone to see
how much difference I can get.

Jan 29, 2008
ymushi in Home Cooking

Uses for HP Brown Sauce

on fried egg, steak or pork chop, that's my British man does.
you can use as A1 sauce ,I think.

Jan 28, 2008
ymushi in General Topics

home made pizza dough

I just look at web site.
It is difficult to find what I want to know.
I need look at this site when I have time...

maybe baking process make huge difference more than dough ?
I'm sure wood burning oven would make great pizza.
but I am not going to have one so far.
Should I get pizza stone ?
How much difference can expect compare to regular baking sheet ?

Jan 28, 2008
ymushi in Home Cooking

home made pizza dough

I have been making own pizza dough when ever we have pizza.
very simple,but definitely better than chain pizza company's one.

but I would like to make more rustic, ' wow this crust is really good ! ' class pizza dough.
I have searched quite lot but pretty much all dough recipe is same ingredients.
maybe using white wine is the only thing big difference compare to my dough.
I tried mario batali's pizza dough recipe, but wasn't wow enough for me.
(I was so exited to try this dough recipe but wasn't incredible )

my usual dough recipe is
3 cups all purpose flour ( gold medal or Pillsbury's)
1 cup warm water
1 packet of dry yeast ( fleishmann's)
1TBS honey or brown sugar
2-3 TBS ex virgin olive oil
1/2-1 tsp salt ( diamond's kosher )

after kneading them rise in the kitchen until double size or so.
I don't have pizza stone.
I use regular baking sheet.
sprinkle cornmeal.roll out the dough,move to the pan, put the topping
then bake it 425F-450F for about 10 min or so ?
I don't set timer so I'm not sure exact baking time.

probably flour quality or yeast's company, or rising in the refrigerator etc...makes
taste different.
I know slower rising is better taste.

I just don't know how to make ' wow ' dough.
I would like to up grade my pizza ( dough)

so far, my pizza is fine but not fantastic.

Do you have any good tip or recipe for fantastic home made pizza dough ?

I would like to know what ever kind of dough
that is really good.

please help me.
thank you.

Jan 27, 2008
ymushi in Home Cooking

Talapia fillets

foil works fine.
I tried foil when parchment run out.

But parchment get puff up so it looks great on the dish
than foil.

Jan 23, 2008
ymushi in Home Cooking

Talapia fillets

this is my (our) favorite style to eat tilapia.

this is from 'red lobster' 's site.
please don't think crap.

recipe said paul somethings seasoning.
but I use seafood seasoning which I have in my house.
lots of dill, no potatoes.

It's very simple dish but tasty. you might want to soak up the juice with good bread.

original recipe said 'salmon'
I guess you can use your favorite kind of fish.

good luck !

Jan 22, 2008
ymushi in Home Cooking

Do You Like Chinese Food? [recipe&food]

I meant ' americanized Chinese food '.
not who actually brought Chinese food to US.

Dec 14, 2007
ymushi in Home Cooking

Stand Mixer - Cuisinart or Kitchenaid?

oh... that would be tough choice If I were you .
Cuisinart's looking cool. I like Kitchen Aid's authentic look,too.
Have you thought about VIKING's too ?
I'm sorry, more confusion.

I have Kitchen Aid professional.I absolutely love it.
I do bake a lot. this mixer helping me a lot.

I'm not interesting about attachment so much.
but It's good to know I can get lot of deferent attachment If I want.

I'm sure both works great & makes your life easier.
I guess It's just which is your favorite...

up to your won't disappoint which ever you get.

happy shopping !

Dec 13, 2007
ymushi in Cookware

Do You Like Chinese Food? [recipe&food]

'unrecognizable ' ! I am not Chinese but I've always thought American Chinese,especially delivery one is awful.I am from japan ,Chinese restaurant in Japan is really nice.
there are lots of high end good Chinese restaurant.
they don't look cheep.they are sophisticated look, never greasy,beautiful dishes..etc.lots of good thing.
I have never seen American style that 'gives you stomach ache later' Chinese before.

Who brought "American Chinese food to US ?'

yes, people,start cooking for your self.
stop eating greasy one !

Dec 13, 2007
ymushi in Home Cooking


I like to eat quinoa mix with veggie & goat or feta cheese.
chopped garlic, red onion, parsley, cucumber,tomatoes + small pieces of goat cheese or feta. pour over simple lemon vinaigrette.
I also like to add lettuce (shredded or bite size )
It's very much like couscous salad , but I feel quinoa is lighter .
cook quinoa in chicken or vege stock. taste way better than just water.

Dec 13, 2007
ymushi in Home Cooking

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies...

I'm scared,too.
cookies are good. bacon is good.
why do you have to eat at same time ?

comeing up new idea is great.
but I don't personally think this is a great idea...

maybe not so nasty taste, but It's just not makes me want to eat or try making it.

Dec 10, 2007
ymushi in Food Media & News

What are your favorite condiments with EGGS?

HP sauce on fried eggs.
I don't understand, but my husband like it.
maybe daddy's sauce (?),too.

Dec 10, 2007
ymushi in General Topics

Help me construct a chicken-phyllo entree?

I've made ' smoked chicken filo' from this site.
I used simply let over cooked chicken instead of smoked chicken.
turn out great !
I used butter for brushing fillo.
but I'm sure you can use olive oil.
It might be lighter ,but It's oil. so why not.

Dec 10, 2007
ymushi in Home Cooking

Lipton Onion Soup Mix: Natural Replacement?

yes ! onion powder + garlic powder taste just fine.
there is no reason to buy lipton !

Dec 10, 2007
ymushi in Home Cooking

What to do with a load of canned tomatoes?

agree to everybody !
some for freeze , some for tomato soup, maybe home made pizza sauce,too.
beef stew ? salsa ?

I like this baked eggs,too.

tomatoes are never too much !

Dec 09, 2007
ymushi in Home Cooking

cream of tomato soup

this is not ' too creamy' tomato soup.
but It's surprisingly rich enough to enjoy.
most of all, super easy & you can adjust richness .

I like to add cayenne to this .
It is great buddy of grilled cheese.

Dec 09, 2007
ymushi in Home Cooking

I'm Demo-ing Japanese Food: Help!

okonomiyaki doesn't have one recipe.
so everybody has slightly deferent recipe.

It's perfectry ok when you put raw meat on okonomiyaki before flip.
but meat use for okonomiyaki is paper thin.

Japanese use paper thin slice of meat more than big chunk or thick slice.
so make sure use very thin slice.

pork or beef.
I remember using pork more than beef.

but beef is more familiar to you, I think that perfectly ok.

Was there 'aonori' on the okonomiyaki ?
powdered green sea weed.
I can't remember.

Dec 09, 2007
ymushi in Home Cooking

ISO a main Christmas dessert other than cookies, a yule log or fruit cake

Using chest nut !
marron torte,mont blanc.

If you can find canne marron puree,
It would be super easy & impressive dessert you can make !
I don't see canned marron around where I live.
but I'm sure you can find it at some where ( sorry ! )
canned marron is probably from France.

or make puree your self.

I don't know why there aren't many marron dessert in America.
but It is very delicious.

Dec 08, 2007
ymushi in Home Cooking

I'm Demo-ing Japanese Food: Help!

everybody has really good idea !
all 'donburi' is easy for you & taste good,too.

oyako-don, sukiyaki-don,katsu-don,gyuu-don ,yakiniku-don.

If you can do okonomiyaki, I think 'tako-yaki' is more 'wow' to see.
you can use filled pancake pan for making 'tako-yaki'

making soba is ...I don't know.
cold soba+dipping sauce sound great.

but sushi or soba ,those are look easy to make.
but you need spend 5-7 years or more to become one of chef.
if you are not confident making soba,I think better use dried one.

also ramen is very popular .I mean very very.
yakitori, slow cooked pork belly( buta no kakuni), rice ball (onigiri) !
onigiri's stuffing is endless, so that might be fun.

someone was saying curry rice. that's good one.
japanese curry is completely different compare to Indian one.

many deferent kind of pickles would fun, too.for the side.
yakisoba ? deep fried chicken(karaage) ? ,chicken or fish's teriyaki ?
boild spinach+soysauce+ bonito flake as side ?

Dec 08, 2007
ymushi in Home Cooking

Umami - "The Fifth Taste"

ajinomoto ! or I sould say MSG ? this stuff is really enhance flavor instantly.
granulated white powder.

when I was kid, when there was nothing interesting meal on the table,
I ate raw egg mix with little bit of soy sauce & ajinomoto, pour over piping hot white rice.
sound weired for western country people,

It is good. I don't eat this anymore. but If I was in japan, I might try it.
(there is no problem eating raw eggs in japan )

I have never hard that MSG is but stuff in japan.

I think UMAMI is very basic flavor of Japanese cuisine .
DASHI is the umami it self.
KOMBU ( sea weed ) ,dried bonito flakes,some other dried fish( mainly sardin I guess)
mushroom ( especially shiitake ) dry or fresh it add grate flavor .
everything has high umami level.

stock made out of these, uses so many different way.

also kombu cooked with vege or meat.
shredded bonito sprinkle on tofu ,boild vege or so many things.
may be miso is high umami food,too.

It' almost strange or funny ? to hear that Parmesan cheese,ketchup is umami food.
but that's just not familiar to eastern country
( of course we use regularly but not staple food )

but now I am using them all the time !

Dec 08, 2007
ymushi in General Topics

Toasted Mochi in Soybean Flour (Kinako Mochi)

wow, this is soooo Japanese food !
I used to eat this a lot as kid.
but I think better buy 'mochi' from Japanese or asian grosser.

they have soap like rectangular shape mochi .

I've used mochiko before. but It's different texture compare to real square one.
mochi made with mochiko is more soft & watery texture than mochi square.

you can get pretty much same taste but I prefer to use mochi square .

another delicious way to eat mochi is
:grated daikon with soy sauce.

: broil mochi , dipped in soy sauce, wrap it with NORI ( sea weed ).

these are very traditional way to eat mochi.

Dec 07, 2007
ymushi in Recipes

Milky Way

oh- calpis ! this product has been forever in Japanese's beverage market.
originally It comes very thick syrup in the bottle & you add water or soda water. there are different flavor,too.

now days, there are this 'calpco', carbonated one, even diet soda version,too.

original name is 'calpis' sound lot like ' cow piss'...

my friend used to joking about it..

anyway, original syrupy one is really old traditional drink.
this ready to drink version is newer one in the calpis family.

Dec 05, 2007
ymushi in Features

What to do with somewhat dry frozen focaccia?

maybe pizza base ?
topped with tomato sauce cheese,etc...
you won't notice dryness of bread (probably...)

panini ? something wet ingredients helps not notice dryness, I guess

Dec 05, 2007
ymushi in Home Cooking

I don't like rice

how about 'QUINOA' ?

cook it in chicken broth, you can eat just like that.
I like add chopped veges & feta or goat cheese.

It's super good for you grain.
I'm not super healthy eater, but I can enjoy this.

Dec 05, 2007
ymushi in General Topics