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Kawartha Dairy ice cream is made with disgusting ingredients now

Hey there…I work for Kawartha Dairy and while we always like to hear discussion about our product, both positive and negative, I wanted to correct a few statements that have been made here about our ice cream. I don’t intend to get into any discussion about individual ingredients and the pros or cons of any of them, as that is an entire discussion on its own, with varying opinions and facts, depending on who you listen to. With regard to recent posts here:

-all Kawartha Dairy ice cream is the same, regardless of where it is sold or what package it is in. We don’t make different “versions” of our flavours under the name “Kawartha Dairy”. There is only one formulation for each flavour.

-the first two ingredients in all of our flavours of ice cream are fresh Ontario milk and cream, most of which comes from within 100 km of our facility in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. We don’t use “butteroil blends” in our product (a sneaky way of getting around import quotas to bring foreign dairy ingredients blended with vegetable and/or palm oils into Canada). We don’t add oil to our ice cream. Period. Our ice cream is real ice cream, not “frozen dessert”. While some of our flavours may contain modified milk ingredients, they are not the primary source of dairy in our ice cream….fresh milk and cream is – check the label. By the way, modified milk ingredients aren’t as evil as they sound….some of the most common are skim milk powder, buttermilk powder and whey powder. Any that we use are all of Canadian origin.

-we have never, ever, in all our 76 year history, ever proclaimed ourselves to be “all natural” “organic”, or anything insinuating that. If we had to describe ourselves, it would be something like “producers of real ice cream made the old fashioned way”. There are all kinds of ice cream companies out there, making all kinds of product for all kinds of tastes and budgets. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples to be fair.

-we have not recently changed any of our formulations. Over the years, slight changes have occurred, as happens within any company that makes food products, but our basic recipes remain unchanged. The recent change was packaging only – not formulation!

-one recent change to our ingredient labels was the result of changes to federal legislation that has to do with allergen declarations. Simply put, if a food plant makes items containing any of the seven identified allergens on the list, they have to be declared on the package….even if the product in hand does not contain them. While the reasons for this change are understandable and commendable, it has led to some confusion among consumers.

-some of our longest ingredient lists are the result of the “inclusions” (sauces, peanut butter cups, cookies etc.) that are added to our various base ice cream flavours. It is what it is….a simpler flavour will have a shorter list. The choice is up to the consumer….that’s what good ingredient labelling enables the consumer to do.

-we use granulated sugar as our primary sweetener, not fructose or glucose. Some of the ingredients we use in the recipes contain these sweeteners in their makeup but old fashioned, “real” granulated sugar is the primary sweetener we use.

-as for air in our products, ALL ice cream contains a certain amount of air, which is required to enable the product to be scooped. The industry term for this is “overrun”. We have a bit less overrun than some ice creams and a bit more than others.

-our strawberry ice cream? We use a strawberry puree, always have. It’s real strawberry, but you won’t find any whole strawberries in it, because it’s a puree.

-if you want to contact us, please feel free to do so at .We pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive to our customers. We also do have a website….not the most cutting edge but answers most of the basics people want to know.