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Post Proposal celebration - Restaurant in SF?

Thank you for the suggestion. I didn't know such a restaurant existed.

I will look it up in greater detail and think about it. I was planning on proposing at a special place exactly when the sun is setting, so I wouldn't be able to go to Bella Vista before that. But I will keep this place in mind!


Post Proposal celebration - Restaurant in SF?

Thank you for the recommendation. I actually went to Keiko's recently. It was for their V-day prix fixe.

It was very romantic inside indeed!

Post Proposal celebration - Restaurant in SF?

Any opinions on Fleur De Lys?

Post Proposal celebration - Restaurant in SF?

Thanks. I read a bit about La Folie and it seems like it would fit the bill. I did also read that it may have been going downhill a bit. I hope thats not the case though!

Post Proposal celebration - Restaurant in SF?


I'm looking for suggestions on restaurants in SF where my girlfriend (hopefully fiancée) and I could go to right after I propose.

I'm looking for a place (must be in SF) with a nice atmosphere that would be less than $100 a person BEFORE wine, and also where they wouldnt mind us taking a few pictures at our table to commemorate the day. They would also have to be open until at least 9:30pm, preferably until 10pm.

We are open to all cuisines. I tried making a reservation at Gary Danko, but they were booked. :(

I appreciate any advice or tips on where to go. Thank you so much!!

Sashimi quality fish at a store in the Peninsula?

I'm looking for sashimi quality fish that I can get by the ounce in the Peninsula. I'm looking for salmon and tuna (specifically chutoro). Is there any store that has a good reputation for being very fresh and high quality?

I was thinking of stopping by Suruki in San Mateo tomorrow, but I was hoping for a backup supermarket or two just in case.

Thanks for any advice or recommendations.

Piroshki in San Francisco?

Hi folks. Was wondering if someone could give me their opinions on the current "best" piroshki in San Francisco? I did a search, but basically there havent been many suggestions or advice in the last two years on where to go.

Some places that I found from running a search for threads in the the past 3 years are Gastronom, Moscow and Tbilisi Bakery, Cinderella Bakery, Europa Express, and New World Market.

Has anyone eaten a good piroshki here in San Francisco in the past year or two and can maybe give me some recommendations? Thank you very much for any info at all!

Great Japanese Curry: Where?

An update to this thread... Muracci's is indeed the most authentic curry I have tried so far in San Francisco. The taste and texture is similiar to the curry I had in the curry chains in Tokyo, namely the ones I ate multiple times in the Shinjuku station.

They give for free those pickled red veggies and a good amount of rice. The downside however is that they give less curry sauce now, then they did before when they first opened. There is an option to get more curry sauce, but you have to pay for it. Also, the other downside is that it gets VERY busy.

Oh well, still... IMO this is the best place to eat japanese curry in San Francisco Ive found so far.

Great Japanese Curry: Where?

Thx for your review friscofrog. I was planning to go there sometime last week, but at the last minute I opted to just goto Tani's Kitchen. Ill have to remember to try it out this month sometime.

Great Japanese Curry: Where?

Looks like everyone recommends On The Bridge. Ive passed by that restaurant many times but I always figured it was Americanized. Ill have to check it out.

Is there anywhere else around in the Bay Area that offers authentic Japanese style curry? Was hoping there would be other small mom and pop places like Tani's Kitchen that offered good curry...

Oh yeah, and Ill have to check out Curry House when it opens too!

Great Japanese Curry: Where?

I'm looking for a place that serves authentic Japanese style curry like the kind you could eat in Tokyo at various train stations. I miss it. A plate of rice on the side and your choice of meat alongside some of those red pickled veggies and that yummy hot curry poured over all of it.

Now... anyone have suggestions on where I can find a good place that makes GREAT japanese curry here in the Bay Area. So far the only acceptable places I've found is the katsu curry served lunch time at Gombei in San Jose, and the curry served at Tani's Kitchen at Westlake Shopping Center in Daly City.

I'll be grateful if someone would throw me some suggestions or some friendly recommendations!