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Good/"best" pakoras in town ?

Rangoli for veg and Raga for fish and prawn.

C Prime at the Century Plaza Hotel - ehhhhhh.

Oh no! I've been disappointed for maybe 14 years that I learned of Bis Moreno just as it was closing.

When I read Gill's review of this place I thought, "Yay! I'll get to try this amazing pasta after all," but since I'd already waited for so long, I figured I may as well wait a couple months more to enjoy the room post-reno (as it was apparently hideous before).

Damn damn damn.

Slow Cooker Bacon Compote

Mar 23, 2015
mendicity in Recipes

Help ! Need a St. Honore cake for Sunday/8th

I haven't tried Sweet Obsesssion's, but I can vouch for Fratelli's St. Honore being delicious.

Vancouver's underground supper clubs

I've been to The Endless Meal a couple times; once with friends and a second for a team-building work event. The meal both times was very good and the space is warm and intimate. I used to love 12B as well, but Chef Todd has moved on to open Fat Jack's in Boston Bar...well worth a stop if you are ever in that area.

Meat On A Stick

Agreed. We don't even call it Zakkushi; we just say, let's go to Things on Sticks.

Cheese fondue- I want it to be perfect, not grainy

Shake your shredded cheese with cornstarch instead, about 1 tablespoon to 1 pound of cheese. It will turn out perfectly.

Tempura-Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Crispy Panko

I think this was meant to be Teriyaki-Glazed.

Nov 25, 2014
mendicity in Recipes

C restaurant gone?

If "good" is a requirement, we lost them a long time ago.

Fresh Tofu in Vancouver-ish?

I get mine here as well. It's delicious.

Purebread 'n the Hood-It's Open!!!

I'm grateful for the lack of parking and long lines at the FMs. Easy access would put me in grave danger of becoming the human embodiment of their pudgie pies

Commercial Drive highlights: where to eat?

Agree there's not much going on. Great for food shopping but lousy for dining out.

Absinthe is quite good; certainly worth checking out. Odd Society Spirits is fun for pre-dinner cocktails. I ate at Saloniki recently and it was very good; may be the best Greek food I've had in the city. Evidently they are under new ownership or have a new chef (I forget which) but the dolmades and saganaki were standouts.

Changes at The Parker and Bambudda (yes, that is the correct spelling!)

That can only be a good thing for Bambudda. The last meal I had there was, frankly, awful. The only dish we finished was the chicken skin with lemon (which was delicious and stood in stark contrast to the rest of the food). I hope Luk keeps it on the menu, but the rest of the menu (or the kitchen talent) needed an overhaul. Happy for the bar staff too. Their vibe and drinks deserved better.

Tartex, empanada wrappers and huacatay, where are you?

Quick update in case Google brings anyone here in future. Chicha's gets their huacatay from Killarney Market so I was on the right track...they are just out of stock right now. Apparently there are no other sources in Vancouver so they bring it in from Seattle when that happens. Thanks again for the tip!

One week in Vancouver... The catch? Two little kids

Love the report back and so glad you are enjoying yourselves!

New to Grandview area (Victoria/Venables) - recommendations within walking distance please!

The Daily Catch fishmonger on Commercial is 100% sustainable and Oceanwise.

South China Seas on Victoria is stocked with specialty ingredients from around the world. Good selection of spices and cookbooks too. It's a very fun store if you're a foodie.

Mediterranean Specialty Foods on Commercial has a good selection of tapenades, olives, and the like, and always has hot fresh spanakopita, tyropita and whatever you call the ones with lentils and mushrooms. It's a great spot to pick up bits and pieces to make a platter if you have last minute guests and no time to cook.

Fratelli's has very nice cakes; I particularly recommend the lemon and raspberry, although they are known for their St. Honore.

I could keep going ... foodwise you are in a pretty sweet spot.

One week in Vancouver... The catch? Two little kids

+1 on not taking the kids to Chambar. Definitely not the right restaurant for small children. Zakkushi is an excellent choice though; our kids love it. Make sure to make a reservation.

Tartex, empanada wrappers and huacatay, where are you?

Thanks, all. Appreciate you taking the time to help. Chicha's is one block from my work so I'll hit them up for their supplier tomorrow. Glad for the Fresh is Best tip too, although I'm now leaning toward not being so damn lazy and just making them myself :)

Tartex, empanada wrappers and huacatay, where are you?

I've been bested in my search for three ingredients and need help please! Does anyone know where I can find huacatay (either paste or dried), empanada wrappers and Tartex (vegetarian pate that comes in small tins)?

Capers used to carry the empanada wrappers but they haven't been there since Whole Foods took over. I've tried Killarney Market and South China Seas for the huacatay but no luck. And I know someone in Vancouver has Tartex but I can't remember who. Off to Gourmet Warehouse now but if anyone knows where I can find these locallly (not online) I'd be grateful!

ito togarashi - where to find in Vancouver

My togarashi is from South China Seas and my chili threads are from Gourmet Warehouse.

Help! Struggling to find promising options on Salt Spring Island

For a place with as much great local food as SSI, the restaurant situation is actually quite dire. It doesn't mean you can't eat really well though. Make sure you go to the market on can easily do brunch or lunch from various stalls on the grass by the water and it's lots of fun. And a trip to the Salt Spring Island Cheese Company's farm is essential. It's a beautiful setting and the tasting room and store are terrific. You can easily get enough there for a picnic if that's your thing. There's also lots of roadside stands with other treats: fresh eggs, produce, locally roasted coffee.

Agree on the Fishery and Treehouse Cafe which has good food in a lovely setting but it's generally busy. Your best bet is stock up on items you can enjoy where you're staying or in any of the many beautiful outdoor locations on the island.

Veggie Breakfast Sausage Recipes

Yves isn't actually GMO-free. Their soy is but they specifically won't comment on other ingredients.

Aug 04, 2014
mendicity in Vegetarian & Vegan

Who (bakery) makes great fresh cherry pies ?

Aphrodite's on 4th Ave. Their pies are delicious, although I personally can't get past the banana chocolate cream pie.

New life for the Lido?

I've been waiting for the Hot Deli to open too! Saw some people there on Saturday and realized that 1) it is in fact a pub and 2) Hot Deli is an anagram of The Lido and someone just rearranged the sign :) Either way, it looked bustling and I plan to check it out this week.

Recent closures - surprised ?

Oh, I wish I'd known in advance! My freezer would be full of their lemon tarts and brandy snaps. Makes me sad to hear.

Travel Gifts

Edible Canada is great for Canadian food gifts in general...we recently made a gift basket of their goodies for a friend who just got their Canadian visa. Not so sure it's great for kids though...I suspect they will want something less highbrow.

Butter bakery makes handmade marshmallows that will travel well (packed in tupperware or similar) in a ton of flavours. Their bakery is in Dunbar but they are also at Whole Foods and possibly elsewhere.

Chocolate Arts makes chocolates mixed with local products and in local designs. I think they would be fine to travel if packed properly. Rogers Chocolate is another BC favourite and available many places.

Am in Thailand now

South China Seas (Granvile Island Market & Victoria Drive) carries Thai chilies; not sure about the powder though.

Kombu and wakame in Vancouver?

South China Seas Trading Co, in the market at Granville Island or at 1502 Victoria Drive.

So really what's the problem?

well-played :)

Malebranche matcha Chanoka (cats' tongues) in Vancouver?

At Le Grand Epicerie in Paris earlier this week, they were handing out samples of Malebranche Chanoka: two green tea biscuits sandwiching a layer of white chocolate. They were absolutely delicious but I didn't buy them as a box of ten was 30 Euro, or $44 Canadian.

Now I can't stop thinking about them...they may in fact be worth almost $5 a bite. They also sell them online but only ship to Japan. Before I hop on the metro back to Le Grand Epicerie, has anyone seen these anywhere in Vancouver?