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Hummus - SF Dish of the Month July 2013

Thanks for doing a far better description of their hummus than I ever could. :-)

Hummus - SF Dish of the Month July 2013

I'm pretty sure it's not in-house but at an offsite facility since it's a corner store and sandwich shop. I'm pretty certain they only sell it at that store and it carries the owner's name. I can inquire the next time I stop in.

Single Dining/Counter near Union Square-Castro [San Francisco]

Kare-Ken (Japanese curry) has counter dining near Union Square. Their curry was a tad on the sweeter side when I went ~1.5 years ago, but that might have sense changed.

Other options a short walk from Union Square:

- Little Delhi (Indian restaurant with a counter)
- Showdogs (Sausages and sandwiches)
- Farmer Brown (Southern food with bar seating)

Hummus - SF Dish of the Month July 2013

Ah, I forgot about that article! That's how I found it in my neighborhood. The falalfel wraps are ENORMOUS! I'm generally only a fan of freshly fried falafel but for some reason, I'm drawn to the wraps. It's also another quick option near me that isn't a taco or burrito, so points on that.

re: the texture. It's silky smooth and not too stiff when dipping chips and pita into it. I'm not a huge fan of chunky, dense hummus so this was a treat once I had it. I'm a huge fan of their hummus paired with the Have'A corn chips.

They also have dolmas, baba ganoush and other prepared foods I haven't got around to trying yet.

Great upscale latin or mexican for dinner SF downtown next week?

I'd agree with skipping Colibri and venturing elsewhere. Nopalito is fantastic and a far better value. I've only been to Colibri once and while I was happy with most things, there are far better values and interesting menus in the city. There are a few other places that might fit the bill:

- Chilango
- Regalito Rosticeria
- Green Chile Kitchen

I'd visit any of them but I find Nopalito is generally my go to when I'm in the mood for more upscale Mexican food. I might also add Limon Rotisserie since their chicken is delicious but the above restaurants all have more depth in their menus.

Hummus - SF Dish of the Month July 2013

I'm also a fan of the hummus at Old Jerusalem. The Middle Eastern store a few doors down (Samiramis Imports) seems to have a decent amount of brands I have never heard of nor tried. That's something I should take care of in the future.

However, my favorite hummus I can buy to take home is from R Image Market (25th/Folsom). It's delicious and I don't buy anything else these days. The texture is fantastic and it's one of my favorite I've had in the Bay Area. It could use a little more heat but that's easily solved with a dash of habanero olive oil.