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five guys burger sucks

I find the majority of negative Five GUys feedback here to be laughable and very exaggerated. You'll always pay a premium for unlimited toppings and large helpings of fries.
Comparing FG to something like McDonalds just shows your poor taste in food. If you want microwaved frozen patties, loaded with preservatives for a few dollars, go ahead and get McDonalds. But it's unfair to compare a fresh burger to frozen.
If you can't split a large fry order amongst 2/3 people, then you clearly eat too much. I'm not a small person and I can hardly finish a double patty burger at FG. It's a lot of food that still costs less than a burger at a steakhouse but is hot, fresh, and made with whatever you want on it.
Lastly, stating FG food is greasy? I haven't gone to a fast food restaurant that hasn't handed me a burger that's not nearly soaked through the wrapper from all the goopy sauce and grease. Wendys food is so greasy, I've seen it soaked all the way to the bag itself. And that's no exaggeration. Yum…

Jul 04, 2013
doggrowl in Chains