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Pizza delivery charge I ordered a pizza costing 8.99 with a 2.99 deliver fee and still supposed to tip? Since Tips are generally 20% of the purchase price, before tax, what is expected as a tip? Liability insurance was in existence long before delivery fees so I find it difficult to believe that insurance is the reason. There is one pizza place locally that will not charge a delivery fee if you pay in cash. That is how it should be for others. Every owner knows that there is a cost in doing business. Passing off anything additional to the customer is no different than the banks charging fees for every little thing. I don't order in much which this is one reason why. Also, using the excuse for putting together a delivery order has more work is ridiculous! It is no different than eating in, or picking up and you don't have the extra fee for that. The entire delivery fee should go to the driver, then the owner can back-charge the driver for insurance. I find it hard to believe that $6.00 a run for insurance is being paid per driver. If that is the case then you are probably not pricing out the best price or there is a really good reason why you are paying up the nose for that insurance.

Jul 02, 2013
mvrbeek in Not About Food