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How do you get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen??

I enjoyed reading the posts. I had help emptying cupboards to paint the kitchen, and two months later, I still have kitchen things stored in boxes in the basement. Suddenly, I noticed fruit flies everywhere there was water. Kitchen, bathrooms, guinea pig cages. I finally found the source - one of the boxes had some sort of fruit or potatoes or something in it - it was the most revolting sight and smell you could imagine, just a horrible liquid goo that gagged me the whole time I was cleaning it out. I felt so sorry for the garbage man, and am planning to make him cookies because the gargabe can smelled so bad after I put that in there.....But I still have the problem around the guinea pig cages because their water bottles drip and the bedding gets soggy right under them. I have been vacuuming them and that's been working. Anybody know a way to keep the water bottles from dripping? I'm going to try the kitchen drain thing, too. Maybe that's it.

Nov 17, 2007
joyces0 in Not About Food