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Toronto - best cheap gourmet eats on the go?

I mean *cute cafes/stalls

Toronto - best cheap gourmet eats on the go?

I will be visiting Toronto from NYC for 3 days in July.

One of our fav things to do in NYC is to explore and try unique/famous cheap delicacies - ie Levains cookies ($4) , Bouchon Bakery sandwiches ($8), Laduree macaroons ($3), Calexico quesadillas ($6), Zabars ham and cheese croissants ($4) etc.

We are looking for some suggestions for cheap gourmet eats to try on the go in Toronto - not really interested in sitting down in a restaurant but rather cut cafes/stalls. We are looking for gourmet/best you've ever had items rather than best bang for your buck type portions :).

Please let me know if you have any suggestions? We are staying by the harbor and don't want to go somewhere too too far out of the way. Esp interested in any mexican, french, milkshake, dessert/pastry options, no seafood (allergic!)

Thx in advance!