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Need Orlando good eats

i will be in Orlando, staying at the Holiday Inn and Suites on Kirkman in 2 weeks. i will be without a car for most of the nights i am there, but will cab it to avoid having to eat at a chain (which is what it appears i am surrounded by). i am looking for suggestions of good food (i eat everything), a good vibe (not fancy, but not necessarily Hawaiian shirts and flips), and maybe a good happy hour as well. of course these all don't have to met with one place; ill have 4 nights to cover dinner. Oh and ill need a place to watch MNF. thanks all!

Sep 06, 2011
loveisfood in Florida

Lunch and Dinner in Charleston

yes i am starting to sift thru them. i also forgot to mention that im staying at the Holiday Inn airport. i will have a car but would love if i can walk to places as well.

Apr 25, 2011
loveisfood in Southeast

Lunch and Dinner in Charleston

i am going to be in Charleston this weekend and need a place to eat dinner on friday and lunch on saturday. i am looking for local cusine up thru something out of the ordinary at relatively casual places. if there is one that has outside seating, that would be a bonus. thanks!

Apr 25, 2011
loveisfood in Southeast

Recent Baltimore Crab house info

do not, i repeat - DO NOT go to captain james for crabs (or anything else for that matter). we went last year, for the $30 all you can eat, in August when the crabs should have been heavy and delish. these were the exact opposite. they were presteamed, watery and light. the meat tasted salty and mushy. the seating/view outside is great; too bad its wasted and not worth enjoying it because the food is awful.

Dining in Memphis, casual to nice

we tried Circa for dinner saturday night and it was a good idea. they have an appetizer option to pick 3 small plates for $5. you literally get one of what you order but for $5 i got to try 3 different apps. my choice's: the french onion soup (defitnely the best), seared tuna w/ seaweed salad, and a crawfish beignet. for dinner i had the duck, 3 ways. that duck breast was among the best things i have ever put in my mouth. it was cooked medium, perfect, juicy. the other offereings were good as well but the breast defintely stood out. my boyfriend had the proscuitto wrapped asparagus app and loved it. for dinner he had the bacon wrapped filet and enjoyed that as well. too stuffed for dessert we opted for a drink that finished off the meal perfectly. overall defintely a good choice for a lovely al fresca dining experience. for brunch we forgot it was mothers day and wound up at Majestic. it was good, just not the atmosphere we were looking for. i enjoyed the salmon hash, and he the eggs benedict.

Dining in Memphis, casual to nice

the boyfriend and i will be in Memphis the end of this week. we are staying at the Marriott on the river and not going to rent a car, so near to there or accessible by cab is best. i am looking for recommendations for a nicer place for saturday night dinner; more hip than fancy with an interesting menu (i've got my eye on Circa). also, several cheap eats/lunch recommendations. maybe a good brunch place for sunday morning. any info will be greatly appreciated:)

Red Maple... a MUST GO in Baltimore

ok so i know i am writing this post 7 years later than the original which leads me to think that may be the reason of my flagrant disagreement with what people have said on here about Red Maple. four of us recently dined, 9 pm with reservations on a Saturday night. when we got there the music was so loud that we were yelling at each other. i love a good dance club as much as the next gal but we were trying to have dinner and catch up. being given this important info when we were making dinner reservations would have saved us from even going in there. so the waiter comes over, takes the drink orders and is off. ten minutes later he comes back with 3 drinks and tells us they are out of the beer my friend ordered. he orders a different one and the waiter was off again. another ten minutes goes by (and no i am not exaggerating) and he returns empty handed. seems they are out of that beer also. being frustrated my friend asks 'what beers they do have, and no please dont go check....i take the list you can remember off the top of your head.' finally all with libations in hand we place our order. the food was decent, imaginative and intriguing in style, but taste wise nothing to write home about. after having to remind the waiter my eggplant dish never made it out, the busboy returns and hands my a bowl. it was some cous-cous veggie eggplant at all. with our waiter no where in sight we taste it thinking maybe we were the crazy ones. nope it was them. finally our waiter comes over and goes 'did you like the eggplant substituion dish?' uh, wasnt what i ordered or wanted, nor was i told that once again your were out and offered something else. (come on people its saturday night...cant you keep your place properly stocked for the busiest night of the week??!!?). by just throwing some dish on my table and walking away ensured that we will never return. why would i care to go back to a place that doesnt care about the service they give or the food they serve?? this place should only be frequented for the awesome architecture and dancing.

Carry out crabs help

thanks hon! Fruitland is the place. if you have not had crabs from there, you should try it. they are so reasonably priced and the crabs are always good. we've gone 2x now and will continue in the future.

Carry out crabs help

I need help getting the phone number of a place that sells live crabs by the bushel. It is located on Eastern Ave over the bridge, so i guess that's Essex(?). Coming out of the city it is on the left hand side, across from a stand alone restaurant (can't remember that name either!) It looks like a market stand and advertises crabs by the bushel on hand written signs. I'm not sure that it even has a name but they always had great prices and good crabs. BTW- if anyone can suggest a place they get take out live crabs that they frequent it may help if i cant get this number! Thanks hounders:)

Farm House Cafe - San Diego

i am going to be visiting the San Diego area in a couple weeks. my boyfriend and i are going to take his parents out for a nice meal and this place was recommended. is there a web site that i can check out? does anyone have any other suggestions? thanks!

Jun 20, 2008
loveisfood in San Diego

Yellow Dog Tavern on Potomac & Foster

i love the Yellow Dog! the staff is great and friendly and the food unique but comforting at the same time. and they use all sustainable meat and animals products--good food that helps the environment. you can't go wrong there. on your next visit, try the spinach dip (if they have any left that night). its not what you think spinach dip is; its better and addictive. oh and the chicken with rosemary and thyme. it may seem like you have had this dish before, but once you've had it from the Yellow Dog, you will never eat it anywhere else again.

Annabel Lee's Tavern Fleet Street

Annabel Lee's rocks my world! the owner is from Brewer's Art and the chef from (now closed) Lulu's on Broadway. the atmosphere, an ode to Edgar Allen Poe, is inviting and cozy. the food is great. i have eaten there with my boyfriend 3 times and we both have been happy with each meal. this place has caught on so fast that it is super busy thursday-saturday nights, so come early or plan on waiting for a table. they are now offering nightly specials to add to the already great menu. must try- the bleu cheese mushroom soup and the tuna au poivre. the northeast side of town has been waiting for a place like this!

Good Calamari in Baltimore?

yes samos...great calamari! lots of other really good stuff too.

Dining after the show

thanks for the suggestion. (guess i should have mentioned) Brewer's is one of our regular hangouts, so we are looking for something else- for a group of 6.
BTW- if you haven't been to Brewers recently- GO NOW! they just changed their menu again (its seasonal) and its fantastic. everything we had was great, espeically the veggie pate- YUM!

Dining after the show

can anyone suggest where to go eat for dinner after seeing a show at the Lyric Operahouse (mt. vernon, baltimore)? walking distance would be ideal but a short cab ride wouldn't be out of the question. nothing to fancy or casual. thanks folks!

Orleans House Green Goddess Dressing

i dont know about the Orleans House, but The Zodiac in Baltimore has a green goddess dressing to die for. they serve it over their super fresh tomatoes and mozz salad. and they are very much still in business. hope this helps!

Frustrated former DC chick now in Canton

if you are looking for awesome food, in walking distance, that diverts from typical bar food, you must get yourself to the Yellow Dog Tavern on the corner of Foster and Potomac off the beaten path in canton. it is run by cool people that care...they serve only sustainable meat and animal products. they also have put lots of thought into the menu and it shows. you must try the spinach dip.
someone mentioned Lulu's which was an awesome bar. it is now closed but good thing for you a new venue has snagged the awesome chef that called Lulu's home. he is now working out of the new, quaint, and totally baltimore Annabelle Lee's on the corner of Clinton and Fleet near Highlandtown. you will fall in love once you walk in with the decor, the atmosphere and of course the food. its so good that you will have to come back for seconds!
and lastly i agree that DiPasquale's is a great sandwich shop. try the shrimp salad sandwich. you can also pick up all sorts of italian goodies and wine to boot. happy picking!

Luna Del Sea - Baltimore

please, PLEASE do not go to Luna Del Sea! i made the mistake in taking out of town guests there (since they were staying at the harbor). it is overpriced, way overpriced...$53 for sea bass and canned veggies! and the wait staff seemed bothered by their jobs. there are much better options.