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Buma's (former Marrow, Oakland)

We got a special combo and cheese pizza delivered on Saturday. Excellent. We especially loved the special combo, mostly because the peppers and mushrooms were thinly sliced and cooked through (not as common as one would hope for combos). I think I might like Rotten City more, but it is close.

Frozen custard goodness in a cone or cup at Velvet Scoop [ Mission District, San Francisco ]

Oh, I like the Ted Drewes reference. I need to check it out.

New "Jules thin crust Pizza" next to Zachary's in Oakland...WTF?

I like it well enough too. They work well for parties (particularly the large ones - really long!) because you cut them into strips.

Parochial Question: Condensed Milk Squeeze Bottle

The Rockridge TJ's has it.

Double Standard, Oakland

I thought the cocktail I had was of good quality, but the interior felt too new, almost a suburban motel vibe (and not in an ironic cool way). But it was empty and early when I stopped by, so it might have been the timing. The back patio looks fantastic. It will be a good addition to the block.

Sunday brunch for Easter

In Oakland, we had a great Easter brunch last year at Pican.

Take-out apps for a small group (Oakland)

I need to pick up some appetizers on the way home from work, somewhere in Oakland, for 8-10 people. Any thoughts? I want something hot (so not just cheese and salami).

Thinking of Leaving SF for Berkeley or Oakland. Crazy?

I think they are the best out-of-hand eating apples around.

Who has the best wine pairing

I enjoyed that Benu including beers and sake in its tasting when I went, although that is becoming more common now.

Best Bar Steak in SF ?

I once had a great NY strip at the bar at Ame. Still on the menu, but pricy.

More facts about Elmwood Cafe racist incident

Ugh. Typical Berkeley busybody.

Looking for Dry-fried Shredded Beef

Perfect. Thanks!

Looking for Dry-fried Shredded Beef

Ah, I see that it may be on my menu. Do you know if it is shredded (fine) dry style? My menu just says Szechwan Style Spicy Beef (Dry-Cooked and Spicy). Funny that I forgot to look here - duh.

Looking for Dry-fried Shredded Beef

Gan Bian Niu Rou Si ... dry style, not saucy or glazed or otherwise americanized. Just been craving it lately and haven't seen it. Prefer East Bay.

Waitress at Elmwood Cafe Berkeley makes racist assumption


SFBA Dish of the Month (Feb 2015) - Nominations/Voting

Darn it. Didn't notice the veg request. One of these days, the squid will prevail.

How about Caesar-style salad.

SFBA Dish of the Month (Feb 2015) - Nominations/Voting

Fried squid

US geography game : Bay Area restaurant edition

Best Lil Porkhouse - St. Louis
Stella Nonna - Milwaukee-ish

Kar Mee Fortune Cookie Bakery in Oakland - or other fortune cookie sources in East Bay?

Anyone know of a place open on Sunday?

Looking for the best takeout roast duck in the East Bay

Are these the best bets? Going today to pick up a duck and was curious where to go.

Box and Bells Eating House - Oakland

I completely agree. It never made our regular rotation because it was hard to feel up to the menu. But I loved everything we have had there.

The Barrel Room, Oakland Rockridge

We stopped by last night and had a few flights (the Rare Burgandies was the standout). Also, the 2012 Savenierres Chenin Blanc was unusual and wonderful. Enjoyed the flatbread and will have to go back for more food.

lunch rec for East bay between hwy 92 and skyline Blvd.

Montclair Golf Club is my favorite secret place in the area. Get the fried mushrooms.

Roti canai / roti prata SFBA Dish of the Month January 2015

Got the paratha the other night at Camber (Montclair). A little small for the order and wanted it to be crispier, but liked the curry on the side (both the vegetarian and the chicken -- salty, but with a good hit of heat.) Prefer Rangoon Super Star's palata, but not bad.

French Fries: SFBA Dish of the Month December 2014

Argh. I forgot fries were last month's dish and had two to discuss.

The first were the Rosemary Fries from Cafe 15 in Oakland. These were thick-cut, skin-on, some of them more like wedges than planks. Good amount of herbs (thyme, rosemary, etc.) and a nice hit of sea salt. Got them for free on Free Fries Fridays, which isn't as great a deal as it sounds as you have to spend something like $12 to get them. The fries were good, but suffered a bit in transit (got soggy).

The second were the excellent truffle fries at the Hob Nob in Alameda. Huge portion, nicely tossed with parmesan and herbs. Thin and crispy. Really like them -- here's a pic.

Molecular Gastronomy restaurant in Berkeley, SF, or Oakland, preferably around $70-100 per person

Commis is $95 per person.

Rustic style wedding reception venue on a budget

Check out Joaquin Miller Community Center - in the woods, great views and you can bring your own alcohol.

Take-Out Recommendations on Piedmont Avenue [Oakland]

I can't never figure out what to order from Little Shin Shin.

Take-Out Recommendations on Piedmont Avenue [Oakland]

What to order?

Take-Out Recommendations on Piedmont Avenue [Oakland]

I forget about them - next time.