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Beef Tenderloin in Oakland?

Anyone purchase a beef tenderloin lately in Oakland? It is such an expensive roast (with not so much flavor), I want something with vouched quality for Christmas.

Yet another craft beer hall: Hogwash now open in Union Square [San Francisco]

I agree about the food at Hopwater. List was okay. It was fine in you are nearby, but I see no reason to make an effort to go.

2014 Top Ten Tastes

Favorite “new” (or new for me) dishes of the year:

Grilled squid with crispy beans (The Dock)
Manchego roasted in romesco sauce (Barrel Room)
Blood sausage (Venga Paella)
Pork and chive dumplings (Tian Jin)
Hot Link (Perdition)
Corn on the cob with nori or something like that (Lost & Found)
Fried chicken with oyster mayo (Box and Bells)
Yuba scramble (Ume … sniff).
Grilled "caesar" salad with crushed favas (Hog’s Apothecary)
Cheeseburger (Mission Bowling Club)
Pork trotter fritter things (Camino, as special Sean Brock dinner)
Tea Leaf Salad (Rangoon Superstars)
Rice ball salad (Camber)
Easter ham (Prather Ranch)

2014 Top Ten Tastes

That Winnimere is probably on my list too as the best cheese I had this year. Bought for a party, most it was gone before the party started!

Warm Holiday Cheer: Hot Toddies, Hot Buttered Rum . . .

Adesso has a hot toddy on their menu again this year, made with bourbon, persimmon and maple syrup. Nice and tart. Delicious.

On the cold front, their Festivus Flip is a great holiday cocktail, made with aged rum, stout syrup, egg, topped with a bit of salt. Really delicious.

Lunch Ideas for Tomorrow (Wednesday) in Oakland or Berkeley for Mixed Group of Adults/Kids

Actually, there was a demand for burgers, so we ended up at Triple Rock.

Lunch Ideas for Tomorrow (Wednesday) in Oakland or Berkeley for Mixed Group of Adults/Kids

I need a lunch spot for tomorrow for a group of four adults and two kids (5 and under) in Oakland or Berkeley at around 1:30. I would prefer sit-down with wine or beer. Not pizza (or at least not pizza-heavy) as we are having that for dinner.

Crab season is upon us

Camino is my favorite restaurant preparation -- differently from the steamed I make at home.

Dinner Before the Fillmore [San Francisco]

I ended up at Fat Angel. What an amazing bottle list for beers! Food was fine -- a solid slider and an interesting flatbread with cauliflower, capers and anchovies. But the wait was nearly an hour.

The Barrel Room, Oakland Rockridge

They indicated last night that they would be swapping it all out for French, with flights based on regions (Northern and Southern Loire, etc.)

Dinner Before the Fillmore [San Francisco]

anything new to add to this list for tonight? Dosa was good last time, but always looking for new ideas.

The Barrel Room, Oakland Rockridge

We stopped by the Barrel Room yesterday. Great wine, food and concept. The Spanish-Portuguese menu and list will last through the end of the month. Had some very interesting flights. And that manchego roasted in romesco sauce is amazing. Next up will be France.

Crab season is upon us

Camino is supposed to start "Crabby Monday" next week - I think their wood oven crab is among the best around.

Aveline or Abbot's Cellar??? [San Francisco]

We celebrated a special event at Abbot's Cellar. We are huge beer geeks and the list is amazing, but I felt the food was disappointing.

Hot zabaglione?

Jackson Fillmore's version is great. It is also at their sister restaurant Cucina in San Anselmo.

Home made frozen dumplings, East Bay?

Prices are little higher now -- $7.60 for 15 pork & chive for lunch. However, they now seem to have the range of frozen dumplings available all of the time, listed on the menu outside (no pre-ordering).

What's good near Lincoln/Auburn? [Follow this discussion on our California board]

Good beer and sweet potato fries, but I have trouble finding other good things to eat there despite the big menu. Burger is solid though.

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg donates $85,000 to support Berkeley’s proposed soda tax

I admit that vice taxes have a tendency to be somewhat regressive, but it simply makes economic sense to tax purchases that place a cost on the rest of society. Of course, Big Soda is going to oppose it (just like the alcohol and tobacco companies have done in the past and continue to oppose any increases in taxes) because vice taxes have been shown to ultimately reduce purchases of the items.

One of my favorite quotes about Richmond's failed effort to impose a soda tax:

“There’s very little [reason for] a city to [not put] a soda tax on the ballot,” said Richmond City Councilman Jeff Ritterman, who authored the measure. “Big soda drops millions in your town. They teach your disadvantaged youth how to phone bank and canvass, which are both useful skills. Unfortunately they fill their heads with misinformation so there is some downside, but this can be corrected over time.”

Burmese Kitchen's Special of the Day: Goat Curry [San Francisco]


East Bay places to sit, eat, and watch the World Series

I went to Adesso last Friday to catch some of the game. It worked well.

How often do you get a bad meal in the SF area?

I think that this is true (that busier places are better) -- and that is why companies probably tend to arrange business dinners at Sens and Credo. Much easier to find a table for ten because the demand is not as great. But FiDi is able to keep those places in business longer because of the business needed for larger-party dinners and lunches.

I have been to private events at Sens and I still think the food is substandard.

SFBA Dish of the Month (Nov 2014) - Nominations/Voting


Perdition Smokehouse (downtown Berkeley)

We ate lunch there on Saturday. This time, the ribs were better than the pork shoulder (which was a little dry in my opinion). I did not love the mac-n-cheese (I agree with tanginess comment), but it was liked by others at the table. Hush puppies were decent, but not noteworthy. Hot link still great. Also liked the greens (nice and bitter, but still porky). Highlight remains the beans and beer (Prairie Cherry Funk -- wow!!!). If I was eating alone, that would be all I would get.

Uptown or Old Oakland restaurant with tv(s)

I have been getting an email a day from Adesso that they will be playing the games. A few specials too. They have a large screen that is generally viewable any place except when you back is to it at the bar.

Your go-to delivery for dinner in Oakland/Berkeley?

Unfortunately, their delivery area stop only a few blocks from us (although they will sometimes deliver to me if slow).

Anything New by Great American Music Hall? [San Francisco]

I should have reported back that we ended up going to Hopwater, which is not really close, but filled a specific beer requirement.

Coffee, pastries, lunches and happy hours/beer/cocktails for a greedy BC Hound please

Another vote for a stop for snacks and beers at The Dock. Although it is a big isolated over there.

What are your thoughts on the city's coffee offerings?

I just happened to be by Local 123 in Flowerland the other weekend as well and very much enjoyed my cup.

7x7 Magazine Big Eat Oakland - 50 Things to Taste Before You Die

Hmmm... the pig feat terrine at Barlata is one of the few dishes I have never gotten there. I will have to try to go and get it before they close for good.

7x7 Magazine Big Eat Oakland - 50 Things to Taste Before You Die

Can you still order the large pot pie? I remember trying to figure out a few months ago and calling, but no one ever answered. Do I have to wait in the line to order it?!!