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Extensive food advice required - let's get this party started!

I agree re Bar Crudo, but the beer list is very well curated -- could be a good match.

Casa Cubana replaces Vo's in Oakland

I didn't know that it was the same guy -- we need to go. La Taza de Cafe was one of my favorite places to just hang-out.

Firebrand Brick Oven Bakery [Oakland]

That's great news - I love their products. BTW, I noticed that Brotzeit was no longer using them for pretzels and bread. Too bad.

SFBA Dish of the Month Nominations (June to December 2015)


Tony's Pizza - the St. Louis Style [San Francisco]

I have to agree - I am still stunned that any non-STL would order it outside of Missouri.

I think the amount of toppings is somewhat correct. My favorite in STL would a deluxe or combo, with extremely thinly sliced onions, peppers, mushroom and meats, that kind of meld into the provel to form a single layer out to the edge. I don't think the thin crust can handle volume, but definitely variety.

That said, a nice sausage with good amount of fennel seed is my ideal. Tony's is pretty great. I liked it better than another STL style place, Frasher's, in Phoenix (about to close, because who really wants STL pizza?!)

Potstickers : SFBA Dish of the Month May 2015

Got the potstickers at Chu in Rockridge last week. Good, juicy filling and nicely browned bottoms, but the skins were too tough.

Tony's Pizza - the St. Louis Style [San Francisco]

Saw that - will have to see if it is the right cheese.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Rotten City is my favorite. Great for slices, and I like to bring pies home (unfortunately I am just a hair outside their delivery zone).

KronnerBurger - Oakland

It always looked painted to me.

Plum Bar - Oakland

Stopped by yesterday and had one of the best chilled pea soups ever. Beautiful fresh sweet pea flavor, topic with a coconut foam and a warm crispy pea fritter. It is great to have such high-end food in a bar setting. But it made me miss the old Plum.

Umami Burger in Oakland [split thread]

I stopped by yesterday and got two original umami burgers to go, plus truffle fries. First of all, the upcharge for the truffle fries was a waste because they just gave me regular skinny fries (which I didn't realized until I came home). I was curious about what the umami burger would be like and I guess I am no longer curious. I just didn't like it. It was perfectly medium-rare, but the toppings did nothing for me. So, I guess I did that.

Potstickers : SFBA Dish of the Month May 2015

I have panfried my already boiled dumplings from Tian Jin to good effect.

To go in Rockridge?

Southie could work (no pizza, but good sandwiches and salads, easily made to go). If you want closer to BART, maybe Market Hall would work. They have pizzas in the bakery section; the Past Shop has salads, sandwiches, etc.

Summer Kitchen is Elmwood.

Thai Noodle represents sugary, flavorless Americanized Thai food at its worst [Berkeley]

Stopped by around 1 a.m. on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised by our take-out order of pad see ew and lamb satay. Solid, full-flavored, with great service. Good late night stop.

Khao-man-gai in San Francisco?

I am a fan of the version at Hawker fare (Oakland). Yes, the chicken and rice can be a little mild, but if you eat the dish alone (without other, stronger flavored dishes), the flavors really stand out. The sauce is fantastic too.

Perdition Smokehouse (downtown Berkeley)

I have been meaning to mention that Perdition has the best snickerdoodle cookie I have ever had.

Oakland - Tian Jin Dumplings

I wanted to mention that Tian Jin has all of their dumplings available for take-out, hot, now. Had the beef and carrot today - so great!

Berkeley / Oakland restaurant delivery through Caviar

I have been using them quite a bit. Buma's doesn't deliver to me, but Caviar does and I love their pies. Also, Plum Bar's burger and fries have traveled great, as well as Hawker's Fare and Bowl'd BBQ.

Buma's (former Marrow, Oakland)

We got a special combo and cheese pizza delivered on Saturday. Excellent. We especially loved the special combo, mostly because the peppers and mushrooms were thinly sliced and cooked through (not as common as one would hope for combos). I think I might like Rotten City more, but it is close.

Frozen custard goodness in a cone or cup at Velvet Scoop [ Mission District, San Francisco ]

Oh, I like the Ted Drewes reference. I need to check it out.

New "Jules thin crust Pizza" next to Zachary's in Oakland...WTF?

I like it well enough too. They work well for parties (particularly the large ones - really long!) because you cut them into strips.

Parochial Question: Condensed Milk Squeeze Bottle

The Rockridge TJ's has it.

Double Standard, Oakland

I thought the cocktail I had was of good quality, but the interior felt too new, almost a suburban motel vibe (and not in an ironic cool way). But it was empty and early when I stopped by, so it might have been the timing. The back patio looks fantastic. It will be a good addition to the block.

Sunday brunch for Easter

In Oakland, we had a great Easter brunch last year at Pican.

Take-out apps for a small group (Oakland)

I need to pick up some appetizers on the way home from work, somewhere in Oakland, for 8-10 people. Any thoughts? I want something hot (so not just cheese and salami).

Thinking of Leaving SF for Berkeley or Oakland. Crazy?

I think they are the best out-of-hand eating apples around.

Who has the best wine pairing

I enjoyed that Benu including beers and sake in its tasting when I went, although that is becoming more common now.

Best Bar Steak in SF ?

I once had a great NY strip at the bar at Ame. Still on the menu, but pricy.

More facts about Elmwood Cafe racist incident

Ugh. Typical Berkeley busybody.

Looking for Dry-fried Shredded Beef

Perfect. Thanks!