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Horseradish for Prime Rib

I just microplane fresh horseradish into a blender with a little heavy cream and then blend and mix with creme fraiche to taste in terms of bite.

Dec 23, 2010
MiracleMileM in Los Angeles Area

Where should I order my turkey for Thanksgiving?

I also like Shelton's and get mine from Erewhon on Beverly between Fairfax & LaBrea. And for the past four years use DeLaurentiss' Raffy's sausage and chestnut dressing

Nov 15, 2009
MiracleMileM in Los Angeles Area

Blenheim Apricots?

I bought some nice, ripe blenheims last night at WF on Fairfax and Third

Jul 20, 2009
MiracleMileM in Los Angeles Area

Best butcher to buy a prime rib

I third Huntington's Meat. I've gotten a full standing rib roast there for every Christmas over the last decade and before.

Dec 20, 2008
MiracleMileM in Los Angeles Area

Swedish smorgasbord in L.A.

We need Gustaf Anders or the restaurant's clone back. Our family loved the herring table and its sophisticated menu. I like Olsen's - and thenk goodness they own the building so rents won't push them out. In addition to the cheese and ham I really like Olsen's herring salad, moussey pate and meatballs.

Mar 13, 2008
MiracleMileM in Los Angeles Area

Where to buy pomegranates this time of year?

I saw some Sunday at Erewhon on Beverly just east of Fairfax.

Jan 22, 2008
MiracleMileM in Los Angeles Area

Little Owl Cafe?

When I came out of Bloom on Pico last night after a good dinner, across the street was a white neon sign for the Little Owl Cafe - Breakfast Lunch Dinner. Any info on Little Owl? Any reports?

Jan 05, 2008
MiracleMileM in Los Angeles Area

Cupcakes in the Los Angeles area

Try the cupcakes and muffins at Petite Sara - on Pico between Crescentg Heights & Stearns. Last Saturday after lunch we had just-out-of-the-oven Lemony pound cake type cupcakes with a big pocket of blackberries. delicious. Limited selection but there always seems to be something new coming out of the oven.

Nov 17, 2007
MiracleMileM in Los Angeles Area