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Beef Wellington

This might be blasphemy, but would refrigerating the prosciutto-wrapped tenderloin (for an hour or so) prevent the meat from overcooking before the puff pastry is done? I've never made this but am planning on it this weekend. I'm not keen on blind baking the puff pastry.

Sep 27, 2013
brownthumb in Recipes

Spicy Gochugaru?

Finding actually spicy gochujang and gochugaru is like Russian Roulette.

While I've finally found a spicy gochujang (Haechandle Taeyangcho Gold - noses running as if we were eating Thai chilies), I have yet to find a spicy gochugaru that wasn't a gift from Korea. I have been holding on to this particular package of gochujang for years, in fear of newer packages not being as spicy.

Has anyone found a spicy gochugaru? If so, please share a photo and/or the brand info.

I feel like Korean food has little flavor anymore because most gochugaru is made in China now, and packaged in Korea - no heat whatsoever and bland, bland, bland!

(I can't afford the $99, 2.2 lb. bag on Ebay, either... plus I am not into taking such an expensive gamble - my luck would be that it arrives, and is bland anyway.)

For now, I'm sticking to SE Asian food for the heat I like.

Old kkakdugi - too sour to eat. Any ideas?

Thanks, that is a good idea. I will try it. I have some side pork and pork chops that could work nicely with it. (Pork belly is hard to find where I live.)

Makgeolli, also known as makkoli or makuly (takju) (and referred to in English as Dong Juice)

I just saw makgeolli at H-Mart last week. I wouldn't have even noticed it, but my aunt pointed it out to me because she really likes it (I personally am not a big fan).

If you stand with the refrigerated beer case behind you, it will be on those shelves to your right.

Jun 24, 2013
brownthumb in Metro Portland

Old kkakdugi - too sour to eat. Any ideas?

I have a ton (as in, about a gallon) of old kkakdugi that we haven't been able to eat as fast as my mom is bringing it over. Is it possible to make kkakdugi jjigae? Does anyone have any ideas for making use of it?

Jun 24, 2013
brownthumb in Home Cooking