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Recommendations for dining around NYE/following weekend. [San Francisco]

Thanks for the advice greyelf! That should suit both of our apetites just fine.

I also got a reservation at Nico for Saturday. Looking forward to that very much.

Recommendations for dining around NYE/following weekend. [San Francisco]

No luck with reservations at Kokkari or Bar Tartine sadly!

Did however get ones at Lers Ros and SPQR.

Recommendations for dining around NYE/following weekend. [San Francisco]

I wonder if any of you have been to Kokkari Estiatorio lately and how that might fit with my requirements?

Recommendations for dining around NYE/following weekend. [San Francisco]

I think from the looks of the menus, perhaps Verbena would be more to her taste. I'm adventuresome and like different/off the beaten path sorts of things so I would err to BT.

This is exactly the kind of info I needed. Much appreciated. :-)

Recommendations for dining around NYE/following weekend. [San Francisco]

I'm okay with unique. Any particular reason to stay away?

Recommendations for dining around NYE/following weekend. [San Francisco]

Thanks Robert! I have eaten at Perbacco and Delfina, will check out your other recommendations. Bar Tartine has been on my list for awhile and is close to our accommodations so I think that will definitely be in the running. :)

Recommendations for dining around NYE/following weekend. [San Francisco]

Oops, I didn't see that one (and actually posted mine long before that thread as well!) Thanks for that link :-)

We are staying in the Mission nearish the 16th St BART station.

Recommendations for dining around NYE/following weekend. [San Francisco]

No suggestions chowhounders?! :-)

Recommendations for dining around NYE/following weekend. [San Francisco]

My mom will be visiting SF for the holiday, and I'll need to make some food reservations for that week. I'm wondering what is tasty that will be open for NYE/NYD specifically, or maybe if there are some special prix fixes being served?

I don't mind spending some dollars for a special meal, but something more moderate is certainly welcome/appreciated! I guess some considerations might be that we're staying in the mission (but are mobile, and I know my way around fairly well), she doesn't eat much meat (but isn't vegetarian perse). Neither of us are into huge portions, small is great. I dig a strong BTG wine list or craft cocktail menu. Italian, french, seafood, new american seem to be the best go to genres for us both.

I know the SFBay Chowhounders will have some stellar recommendations for me! Thanks in advance, your expertise is so valued ;)

When/how to go to Shiro's...

Wondering the same thing!

Aug 19, 2014
yankeefoxtrot in Greater Seattle

When/how to go to Shiro's...

Hi Seattle chowhounders...visiting from the Bay Area board and hoping for some dining help for an upcoming trip to Seattle. I've been browsing the board a bit but haven't quite found my specific questions answered so here goes!

I've gotten several personal recommendations for Shiro's. I'm an adventuresome eater and think I'd enjoy doing omakase. I am traveling by myself, and not on a strict budget.

Is sitting at the counter the only way to go for the omakase experience? Should I go only if Shiro himself is at the counter?
How much of a wait would there typically be for a single person at the counter, and what time should one get there to be assured of a spot without too much waiting around?

Any other pertinent advice appreciated...thanks so much in advance :-)

Aug 17, 2014
yankeefoxtrot in Greater Seattle

Suggestions for a couple birthday dinners... [San Francisco]

Thought I'd update and say we ended up at Aziza, Perbacco, and Hog Island. Aziza was absolutely outstanding and we left more than full. We each shared an appetizer (the flatbreads with spreads and the duck confit basteeya), each got a main (him the beef cheeks, me the vegetable couscous), shared a dessert (raspberry sorbet with goat yogurt, chocolate ganache and sabayon). Also got two cocktails each. He was absolutely blown away by the meal and cocktails and it was just to his taste, and I found it incredibly memorable as well. Ambiance and service were delightful.

Perbacco was delicious as well, particularly the desserts and the stone fruit and burrata appetizer.

Hog Island was terrific as well, there was a huge line but they kept pulling out couples for two tops which got us in in less than 15 minutes.

Also visited Absinthe, Tartine, and El Farolito, all old standby favorites of mine. Not a bad meal on the whole trip.

Austinites traveling to SF to find the best pizza, help!

Golden Boy is my favorite overall (super casual/takeout), with BaoNecci (sit down but casual) a close second. I also really dig Beretta's (sit down and more $) pizza. I wouldn't go to Pizzeria Delfina again.

What is open for dinner 4th of July

Wondering this as well (aside from the open table recommendations).

Suggestions for a couple birthday dinners... [San Francisco]

Sons and Daughters looks delicious but I fear it will lean too much to my taste and not his as much. Quince looks like a good possibility! Thanks for your insight :-)

Suggestions for a couple birthday dinners... [San Francisco]

I am hoping to take my boyfriend to the city for a weekend getaway for his birthday and have a couple requirements that are not so easily searched for but easily recommended from personal experience -- and I think chowhounders are just the folks to help...

I would like to pick out two nice places for dinner. I don't mind spending a lot of money as long as the food is in line. We are both foodies but I have a much more moderate appetite than him which is a problem we run into with higher end cusine. I love the trend towards smaller portions, whereas he doesn't find them satisfying at all. (I have a feeling I would love a place like Atelier Crenn, but he would not for one example). I also prefer a good spirits program whereas he's perfectly happy with a not too complicated beer menu.

We are adventuresome eaters and like all kinds of cuisine - sushi, Italian, French, Thai, seafood, steak. They must take reservations (hate having plans like that up in the air!)

Even with my obsessive menu stalking and chowhound reading it's hard to get a read on portion sizes that will work for both of us. Some places I've considered (additional suggestions very much welcome!):

Izakaya Yuzuki

I hope this was specific enough and appreciate any help you can provide.

Paso Robles Dinner

I would second both Artisan and Thomas Hill Organics. Couldn't go wrong with either one.

May 01, 2014
yankeefoxtrot in California

Last minute saturday dinner and Sunday brunch in the city...

Universal Cafe sounds perfect! My one question - a few older threads imply they don't take reservations, but their yelp page indicates they do...?

Last minute saturday dinner and Sunday brunch in the city...

Was actually considering Beretta for dinner. But no reservations which concerns me a bit...any input?

Last minute saturday dinner and Sunday brunch in the city...

Sorry for the slightly esoteric nature of this question, but I'm making a last minute weekend trip to the city and feel a little paralyzed by all my options!

I'm taking a friend back to SFSU, and will be staying in the outer sunset, but we are willing to travel anywhere else, and we both tend to like the Mission, but not tied to that. i have a car, but much prefer to cab or public transit. Cost is not an object but I think we would both prefer places on the more casual side as far as dress goes.

My one requirement is that they take reservations. I don't want to wait hours for a table on Sunday especially. We are both foodies and love a good craft cocktail.

Would love to hear your suggestions 'Hounds! Thank you so much in advance :-)

Another SF Ballet-Dining Related Question

I'm quite partial to Absinthe and as noted, they are open late. It is my favorite go-to in the city...beyond excellent service, great drinks and consistently good food.

Good breakfast and/or high end coffee within walking distance of Nob Hill?

To me it means not over roasted crappy stuff from Starbucks or Peets, usually offering a pour over or French press selection of single origin coffee. Espresso usually pulled ristretto.

Oh, and a macchiato should never, ever come in a bucket sized cup drenched with syrup and whipped cream. If you order a macchiato and it comes that way, you are certainly not in a third wave coffee house ;p

Good breakfast and/or high end coffee within walking distance of Nob Hill?

By the way, if anyone was curious about our other eating adventures:

Ryoko's - fantastic, cheap sushi. Tasty mochi, too!

Rickhouse - great drinks, but too crowded and loud for me (I couldn't get a res at Bourbon and Branch, will try next time)

Cantina - never experimented with Pisco before, really liked the vibe of this place, nice bartender

Contraband Coffee Bar - definitely on the level of Four Barrel and Ritual. Should have gotten beans to go but forgot. Best microfoam I've had in awhile (I'm a coffee snob. Not gonna lie!)

Dynamo Donuts - not as good as I remember from the last time I was there around 2yrs ago, but great coffee and atmosphere remains

Humphrey Slocombe - a perennial fave for me. Black sesame was really interesting, loved horchata, settled on Miso Peach. And of course secret breakfast is as good as ever.

Tartine - the dirty things I would do for that passion fruit cake. I had intended to go back a second time to stock up on croissants and tres leches, but never made it :-(

Golden Boy Pizza - certainly one of the best values and tastiest pizza around. Can't beat the pizza, a nice IPA, and the divey atmosphere. Love it.

Gelateria Naia - I want one of these so bad at home. New gimlet flavor is out of this world.

Absinthe - this is our traditional go-to restaurant. They were kind enough to find a last minute res for five on a Friday night, and gave us the best table in the house. Oysters were great, new corn/jalapeƱo soup was complex and flavorful, drinks were, as always, excellent. Wine pours were ridiculously big. Hawaiian tuna tartare was a miss, wanted to like it, but just not that interesting of a dish, the plantains made it weird. I could have eaten a gallon of the peach panna cotta!

Not a bad meal the entire weekend. I sure do love SF! :-)

Good breakfast and/or high end coffee within walking distance of Nob Hill?

Ended up at Contraband! Great coffee, color me a fan. Spot on recommendation! Thanks again :-)

Ended up at Tartine one morning, and unexpectedly met a friend for donuts at Dynamo the other morning.

Had so many great food experiences this weekend. It really is my favorite part about the city :-)

Good breakfast and/or high end coffee within walking distance of Nob Hill?

Wondering the same about coffee :-)

Good breakfast and/or high end coffee within walking distance of Nob Hill?

You guys are fantastic...thank you so much. I suppose just about anything will be an improvement over hotel coffee. :P

Good breakfast and/or high end coffee within walking distance of Nob Hill?

I will be staying at the Mark Hopkins over the weekend, and would love suggestions for a decent breakfast and good quality coffee within walking distance. I did do a search but didn't come up with much. We currently have Absinthe and Izakaya Yuzuki on the list for more upscale meals, but would delight in finding something close by for the morning hours.

For reference I like Four Barrel and Ritual quite a lot (so I'd like someplace with a pour over bar or third wave espresso, want to avoid Starbucks/Peets if possible). Or am I going to have to head to the mission to find anything decent?

A casual but tasty breakfast joint would be great as well. I don't mind walking a lot or paying a few bucks if it's good. Your recommendations are appreciated!