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Naturale Cucina

Went there last nite...4-5th time over last 18 months..place is consistent. Crisp crust pizza with good chew...fresh ingredients...healthy options,light fare,decent service seems to have more dessert options than I remembered. With the Groupon its definitely a nice option if you like a thinner crust ....
Not too busy ...probably because of location.. has plenty of parking in back of restaurant

Mar 31, 2014
oldandtired in New Jersey

Runa Peruvian Cuisine Red Bank


In Jamesburg /Monroe just outside Monmouth Co.
Had dinner there ayear ago. Large portions inexpensive.

I have no background or depth of knowledge to qualify its authenticity .... I dont feel it is a "Destination" type of establishment .But I feel if your in area and hungry worth trying out

Mar 17, 2014
oldandtired in New Jersey

Pig Roast

I did this last year...I went to Tropical Hut (its on my way home from work) so I could talk to proprietors and place my order.

I really enjoyed it..skin was very crisp and the sauce it came with was very good.

Recommend it highly....
my only regret is not sampling some of the other offerings on their catering menu....
When I was there to order and pick up ....there seemed to be a brisk carry out business going on

Sep 23, 2013
oldandtired in New Jersey

Ethiopian Chowdown at Ada's

It was CH which first directed me to this place and I went a week ago. This kind of place which I look for on CH. Mom and Pop small, out of the way, moderately priced with hands on owners who care about product and look to meet and accept feedback from clientele. Made it a point to sample the Ethiopian food on weekend...because well......how often does one have access to it in NJ.
Family shared veg and meat platters as well as a Mofungo dish. Good stuff reasonably priced and portioned. I like heat and it satisfied....
I am probably in the minority but ...not crazy down with the injeera....I ate it all..but prefer a bread with bite ..the spongy
texture and acidic notes were unexpected as it was first time I had it...though overall ...if in area I would def go back and try the Latin side of the menu!!

Aug 30, 2013
oldandtired in New Jersey

Papa Ganache of Matawan Wins 'Cupcake Wars'

Its in an old strip mall with a dental office and pronting shop, cupcake place seems to be in an HVAC store ...if you go down
south pine Ave and blink you might miss it...its just before turnoff to rt35

Aug 29, 2013
oldandtired in New Jersey

Papa Ganache of Matawan Wins 'Cupcake Wars'

Have not been there if in area will try ..not a big cupcake guy but kids dig 'm
They like this place in South Amboy


$2.50 a cupcake

same stuff as the more traveled, established joints IMHO
but again ...admittedly not a conneiseur

Aug 29, 2013
oldandtired in New Jersey

Monmouth County Korean

Great winter eating.... No question about it.... But Sometimes u have to obey your jones... I agree though
About the restaurant have been there 4-5 times enjoy the Korean fare... Kids have the sushi

Aug 20, 2013
oldandtired in New Jersey

Via 45?

Sounds like a plan! Looking forward to the meal and reporting back....!

Jun 24, 2013
oldandtired in New Jersey

Via 45?

Thoughts?? Recommendations on what to order? ...planning to check place out this weekend. TIA!!

Jun 24, 2013
oldandtired in New Jersey

thoughts on Luchento's or Brioso's?

I am very fond of Brioso's.....My family averages maybe 2-3 visits a year over the last 10-12 years. Over the years I have found the kitchen to be consistent, I enjoy there seafood dishes, as well as their risotto of the day. On the weekends
I like to order there hot and cold antipasto sampler appetizers before my entrees
I have also found there service to be consistently good...however there are times the staff does get overwhelmed. My last visit was around 6-7 months ago...for the last 4-5 years I hold my business X-mas party there.
There was a power outage along Rt. ( from Old Bridge to Freehold)
They worked hard to accommadate us. But I felt something was different from my visits in past. They were missing some familiar faces in the front of the house and I just didn't enjoy the food as much.... can't really explain it ,...maybe it was an off night and the power outage and long wait for food put me in a bad mood. Aside from that it I feel the environment and quality of the meals create good fair value for what they charge. It is BYOB and that is a big plus for my personal taste.

I have been to Luchento's 2-3 times over last few years since it reopened....I am very ambivalent about it.
I would not choose or recommend Luchento's as It just doesn't stand out to me. However If a friend insisted on meeting there I don't have a problem going as I find nothing offensive about it.

Jun 24, 2013
oldandtired in New Jersey

anyone have any recs for kid friendly restos in ocean city maryland?

It's not a restaurant ... But I think most kids would get get a kick out of the Fractured Prune donut shops. There are multiple locations. The donuts are heavy(oily), super sweet , not for confectionary purists. But they are also very colorful with fun flavors and like them or not they are unique. My kids loved them and there seemed to b a lot of young families lining up for them.

Jun 23, 2013
oldandtired in Mid-Atlantic

Looking to rent a Pig Roasting Box in NJ- Monmouth County

I ordered a take out Lechon from here


less than a year ago..its in Old Bridge on RT9 N
Very Happy ..moist with evenly crisped skin ..great sauce on the side ..

Jun 20, 2013
oldandtired in New Jersey

Peruvian in Jamesburg: Don Pepe

I also stumbled on this place Sunday. Small hard to find in the corner of Strip mall. Was around 730 on a sunday night ...busy enough to know the kitchen was turning over food but not so busy we were not seated immediately.

Very Large portions ..reasonably priced . Had whole Roto chicken with rice and beans ..I think 13$ enough for 2 meals.
Daughters had a pork dish with green rice and a ceviche dish with rice and beans. Again 13-14 $ range and enough for 2.
Its a local joint for locals.. big portions, reasonably priced ...
If your in the area and very hungry I feel its worth exploring the large menu for something that catches your eye..
Not sure if I will travel for it though... but as of now it will be my go to place in Jamesburg/Monroe area for a Quick/Large meal....

Jun 20, 2013
oldandtired in New Jersey