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Mid-priced Eats on the Strip

Hi all,

I need to find a restaurant for 5 people on Friday night that is mid-priced on the strip... which I know is hard to find on the strip. One person in my party made reservations at Nobu, but my understanding is that the total there would probably come out to be at least $40-50 per person. I'm trying to hit about $30-35 per person. Like maybe we all share an app, get an entree each, and share a dessert? Any suggestions are welcome as we're getting down to the wire...

Feb 25, 2014
ejk8789 in Las Vegas

4 Days in SF-- "Best Of..."

This is kind of a random question since it doesn't have to do with any of the above, but the last time I was in SF (very very briefly..), I went to a Korean tofu place (I think off camino real??) that was having its grand opening. I believe this was in December 2007. They served fresh tofu as one of the free side dishes, which was super super good. Does any of this ring a bell? And if not, any places that have really delicious fresh tofu?

4 Days in SF-- "Best Of..."

I'm arriving on a Saturday, so I'm just going to have to settle for lunch and snacks at the Ferry Building. If we were arriving a little earlier, I'd try to do breakfast too!

I don't know, DC ramen is really not very good, probably because there are hardly any ramen places here! At least SF has more options, so the quality's got to be at least a LITTLE better (competition and all that jazz).

Sonoma Itinerary Check (or Napa instead?!)

We did consider it, but all the ones we found were just too expensive. If you know one that isn't too expensive, we'd consider it...

4 Days in SF-- "Best Of..."

I see that a lot of people here have recommended Yank Sing for dim sum, but I feel like I've heard very mixed reviews about the place. Coming from the DC area, there isn't any dim sum place that I think is really good here (just tolerable when I have a dim sum craving), so I'm sure most places in SF will be better than what I'm used to. That being said, what do you all think: Yank Sing = overrated? Are there cheaper Chinatown options that serve food just as good if not better?

4 Days in SF-- "Best Of..."

Akiko's does sound like a good fit!

Sonoma Itinerary Check (or Napa instead?!)

Thanks for the suggestions!

We're planning to go to Sonoma on a Sunday (8/4... it's some time away, but I'm kind of type A, and I do have the rest of my SF trip to plan!)... I'm stuffing a lot into one day, but I think it's doable. Please check out my itinerary:

1. Tasting at Scribe
2. Tasting at Domaine Carneros
3. Lunch at Sunflower Caffe OR Sunday Brunch at the Girl & the Fig
4. Tasting at Bartholomew Park
5. Tasting at Gundlach Bundschu
6. Dinner at Harvest Moon OR Cafe La Haye OR Hot Box OR Della Santina

And if we can, we want to drop by Crisp Bake Shop for some goodies.

Which of my lunch and dinner options sound the best to you?

4 Days in SF-- "Best Of..."

less greasy is always good!

4 Days in SF-- "Best Of..."

Hi, per your suggestion, adding more info:

-We're visiting from the DC area.
-We do have a budget (it's just me and my mom), so we'd like to keep most of our meals $$ and below (think yelp price range), though we're willing to splurge on one or two meals.

We're not the types to chat up the waiters or anything... food is the most important. We usually just go in, order a ton of food, and eat relatively quickly, hahaha. Especially when it comes to sushi, we're not looking for ambiance or anything... just really delicious sushi. We'd probably eat mostly sashimi and nigiri, with maybe a roll to share.

As for seafood, I think what we want to eat most is really delicious raw oysters. Other deliciousness is obviously a plus.

4 Days in SF-- "Best Of..."

Hi all,

I have four days to spend in San Francisco! I'll be staying in the Mission while I'm there, but of course I won't be spending ALL my time there. Can you give me your personal "best ofs" for the following? (Public transport/walking access only--no car!) I've been doing some research, but I felt like this way might be easier to get everything in one shot. Obviously, you don't have to answer EVERY category!

-dim sum
-seafood (oysters!)
-Mexican (tacos)
-cafe (coffee + atmosphere)
-ice cream
-anywhere else

I know I may not be able to hit every single category (at least this time around!), but at least this will help me plan my itinerary some. Thanks so much!!

Sonoma Itinerary Check (or Napa instead?!)

Hi everyone,

I know there are some Sonoma/Napa threads already, but to be honest, it was just too overwhelming with the amount of information.

My mom and I are planning a day trip to either Sonoma or Napa. We haven't decided yet whether to go on a tour, but because we would rather not be with a large group of people and want to have some time to do our own thing, we are currently leaning towards renting a car.

We want to hit 3 or 4 wineries and grab lunch and dinner while we're in wine country. (Mom doesn't want to do a picnic, so restaurants only. She also can't eat cheese or butter, so pizza-centric places are kind of out, too! Unless they have a good selection of other food.) We're on a budget, so we're not looking to eat at super fancy places (think $$$$ on Yelp), but we may be able to splurge for one meal if the food is THAT good (think $$$).

A friend of mine who has been to Sonoma suggested the following wineries (we want to stay relatively close to the town)... revisions/suggestions? (Also FYI, the mother is a big Pinot Noir fan. We also love the bubbly!):

Bartholomew Park
Gundluch Bundschu

If we were planning to do Napa instead, what would be four wineries and a couple restaurants relatively close to the "downtown" area you would suggest?