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early breakfast in Portland

where can you get breakfast in Portland before 7, other than Becky's?

Anneke Jans &Restaurant Week

I wish we went there. We went to Jumpin Jays and I was disappointed. The scallops were overcooked and tough and the brussels sprouts were undercooked and tough. The cod was good though.

Dinner in Concord, NH

I used to live in Concord 5+ years ago and found it to be pretty barren in terms of good food. Has anything changed? Will be passing through for dinner in a few weeks.

yuzu in Portland?

Does anyone know where to buy yuzu juice in Portland area?

Wild Maine Blueberries in Portland

You can pre-order them at Royal River in Freeport but I think they've already closed orders.

One meal in Portland, ME - where should it be?

I had the same experience. Very poor service and cold coffee.

Popham Beach / Hermit Island, Maine

Will be camping at Hermit Island and looking for good eats near Hermit Island and Popham, including lobster. Also looking for good place to buy fresh seafood for grilling.

Lunch in Northampton?

I will be driving the length of the MA Turnpike on a weekday and need lunch recommendations. I'm guessing Northampton is my best bet. Any suggestions?

Dishes not to miss in Maui?

I'm going to Maui in a couple of weeks, and I've gotten some good ideas about where to eat by reading these posts. I'm curious what people think are the Hawaiian dishes that shouldn't be missed -- your favorite Hawaiian fish, side dishes, dessert, maybe certain dishes at your favorite restaurant. Also curious about luau food and where to get it. Thanks!

Brunch in Bath, Brunswick or Freeport

Can anyone recommend a good Sunday brunch spot in the Bath/Brunswick area or in Freeport, Maine?

Asian cookware

Can anyone recommend good sources for Asian cookware, either online or in Boston area? Any recommendations for the best kind of wok?

Jun 28, 2006
vwright22 in Cookware

Shopping for Asian cookware

Can anyone recommend places in Chinatown to shop for Asian cookware and cooking utensils?

Jun 28, 2006
vwright22 in Greater Boston Area