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Mateo. Durham nc

Tapas. Food very interesting, but, now the usual for a Spanish Tapas spot.
However, the noise is unbearable !!
Forget a dinner will literally need to yell at your table guests to overcome the ambient noise.
I would never return. Sad, because the food was good.

Aug 23, 2013
GrumpyHusband in Southeast

Girl and Goat restaurant

We eat at wonderful restaurants globally. Not impressed with what is currently the fad place. Most folks don't want to post against the grain. Afraid to be different
This restaurant is hype , with little substance.

Jun 17, 2013
GrumpyHusband in Chicago Area

Purple Pig restaurant

Great spot. Noisy, but, not bad. Food is imaginative, and very tasty !
Great wine list. Servers are knowledgable, engaged, and fun.
Get there by 11:30 for lunch, or plan to wait.

Jun 17, 2013
GrumpyHusband in Chicago Area

Girl and Goat restaurant

My wife is a "foodie" , whatever that means. Visiting Chicago, and heard the trends on Girl/Goat.
I am along for the ride.
The setting is very noisy. Architecture alluring. Seating is so close together, that a table must be pulled completely out of line to allow rear patron to enter/exit ! Forget any intimate conversation. Might as well have made a reservation for a table of 20....that's essentially what the feel is.
Food is OK, not great. small plates to share( the new cool thing everywhere, I guess). Very greasy mouth feel on most items. Did not finish any items because grease/oil became overbearing after few bites.
Wine list is adequate.
Food pricing is reasonable.
Would never return.

Jun 17, 2013
GrumpyHusband in Chicago Area