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Portland with a very picky child

Thanks so much, guys! I know I can't be the only hound out there who has a picky child! This is all very helpful.

Jun 14, 2013
CSTBoston in Metro Portland

Portland with a very picky child

My husband and I will be visiting Portland for a couple of days in July, accompanied by our 5.5 year old son. We're staying at one of the "Kimpton" hotels (maybe the Monaco? I can't remember). Anyway, I'd love some help/suggestions on places to eat that will make two chow ish parents happy, but might also be able to accommodate a most decidedly NOT chow ish boy! To give an idea of how picky we're talking, his standard order in a Vietnamese restaurant is totally plain vermicelli, period. His behavior in restaurants is fine, especially if I have something on me to entertain him, so that's not a huge concern, but obviously he'll be hungry.

Any type of food, really. Bonus if it has a great set of beer taps.

Thanks in advance!

Jun 12, 2013
CSTBoston in Metro Portland