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Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

PB and banana sandwiches.
Watermelon and feta cheese.
Tea and chocolate.

Jun 11, 2013
SomersetN in General Topics

If you could eat any food/meal and it have no effect on your health, what would it be.

Chicago deep dish spinach pizza from Gino's.

Jun 11, 2013
SomersetN in General Topics

World's Top Airport Based Eateries [split from UK]

If you are ever in the Philadelphia airport, look for a pretzel stand. They have the best pretzels!

Jun 11, 2013
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If you are getting Costco pizzas, they have huge slices (8 per pizza?). Then you can get 5 for the kids (have them cut the large slices in 2 if the kids are little - under 7 years old and order only 3 pizzas). Adult women tend to take 1 slice if there is a salad and fruit available and men tend to take 2 slices. That makes it about 10 more pizzas.

Total of 15 just like mcgrath said or a little less if they are small children.

girloftheworld made a great point about having pasta so that you don't have to buy as many pizzas. If the kids are older and all have braces, then they are going to eat the pasta over the pizza.

Good luck!

Jun 11, 2013
SomersetN in General Topics

Your Favorite Weight Loss Tricks and Recipes

Don't let yourself get too hungry. We overeat when we get to that point. Have a protein smoothie (powdered protein mix of any kind and unsweetened soy or almond milk) with a banana or not as a breakfast or snack or if you are in a rush and are hungry. It will curb your appetite, so that you can eat a proper meal later. Also ask yourself if you are hungry or actually just thirsty. A cup of tea or a glass of water might just do the trick.
Reduce leavened bread products and processed food. Try using low carb tortillas or whole wheat tortillas instead.

Jun 11, 2013
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Healthiest tea?

There isn't a healthiest tea. Each has its own benefits and its own antioxidant properties. Green tea has antiviral properties and oolong boosts metabolism. Rooibos (tisane) has a bunch of flavanoids and green rooibos has aspalathin which is not found in too many other places. Here's an article that I got from teanzo's site that shows the different antioxidant properties. So I guess the question really is which antioxidant is more beneficial.

Health Benefits of Black Tea:
The health benefits of black tea are continually being studied. More and more research has proven that black tea has some wonderful health benefits including possibly reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease.[1]* According to researchers at the Linus Pauling Institute, black tea contains more theaflavin and thearubigin antioxidants and less catechin antioxidants than green tea and white tea.[2]*

In addition, “black tea can be considered to be a rich source of polyphenols and/or antioxidants.”[3]*

[1] Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment.

[2] “Linus Pauling Institute”: Tea and Chronic Disease Prevention. Higdon, Jane PhD; Nov 2002
[3] “Free Radic Res”:Black tea represents a major source of dietary phenolics among regular tea drinkers. Rechner et Al; Oct 2002

Jun 11, 2013
SomersetN in General Topics