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Recommend a BBQ Sauce for Pork Shoulder

For smoked pulled pork, we like this recipe because it's more complex than your standard vinegar mops, but it's not sticky-sweet like most tomato-based sauces:

Vegan-friendly in San Leandro or Hayward?

I'm meeting a friend from out of town for dinner next week in the San Leandro/Hayward area. She's a not-very-adventurous vegan. Are there any places you could recommend that would have options for her? American, Italian, Mexican, and approachable Asian would all work, but no South Asian or Middle Eastern. Thanks!

Three nights in Monterey

We did a long weekend there in February and relied on older chowhound posts extensively. We went to a few places:

Happy Girl Kitchen Co. (just inside Pacific Grove) for healthy, hearty veggie lunches. I think they do breakfast too.
Red's Doughnuts (Monterey and Seaside): old-fashioned, local place. Small amt. counter seating, good doughnuts.
Il Vecchio (Pacific Grove) great pastas and interesting wines
Barmel (Carmel) dive bar for cocktails, small/interesting menu but we didn't try the food.

We did a "special" night out at Passionfish (Pacific Grove), which I thought was worth the money. Reservations very recommended.

May 05, 2015
Sablehart in California

Private room restaurant in East Bay or SF near BART

Lungomare in Jack London Square has a private room, though I'm not sure how many it'll fit. It may be too pricy, but worth a look?

Uptown or Old Oakland restaurant with tv(s)

The Forge in Jack London has huge TVs and I think their food is pretty solid (only had the pizza). Not sure if that's too far away?

Plank - JLSq Oakland

I haven't tried it, but some neighbors were complaining that the draft beer was overpriced. I'd be interested in hear what others think...

Acai bowls in SF?

So I have no idea what acai bowls are, but I just saw them on the menu at Oakland Juice and Co:

2014 Oakland Eat Real Festival, Sept 19 - 21, Jack London Sq.

I tried their kaffir lime/avocado pop and it was really good! We went at lunchtime today and yesterday--definitely busier today. Tried lamb poutine at Whole Beast and really enjoyed it--thought it was very good deal for $5. We also tried the Beef Pho rolls from Rice Paper Scissors--refreshing with a good kick and not heavy/fried like a lot of the other vendors. Nice to try stuff that wasn't from the East Bay, especially since we're new to the bay area.

2014 Oakland Eat Real Festival, Sept 19 - 21, Jack London Sq.

Ah, good to know--must maximize our eating options!

2014 Oakland Eat Real Festival, Sept 19 - 21, Jack London Sq.

We just moved to the area and are looking forward to checking this festival out--can't wait to see what people recommend!

Does anyone else watch "Master Chef UK, The Professionals" on BBC-America?

I'm pretty sure they've been repeating the same season for the past few weeks....The other contestants do show up eventually, and I found it got more interesting towards the end b/c they started doing things like working in high-end kitchens, etc.

Aug 08, 2013
Sablehart in Food Media & News

Going to Barbados in 2 weeks--suggestions?

That map looks awesome, what a great way to keep track of your vacation. Thanks!

Going to Barbados in 2 weeks--suggestions?

I'm looking for recommendations of places to eat out or great grocery/markets to try in Barbados. We're staying in a house with a kitchen, so we'll be doing some cooking, but we'd love to have some recommendations on where to go out to eat. Affordable options would be great, as I've already got a list of some fancy places!