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Sazerac Cocktail

I had my first Sazerac in NOLA at the Hyatt Regency. The bartender made it the traditional way and I enjoyed it.

Peychaud's bitters available at BevMo

Feb 03, 2012
alexdesignz in Recipes

Starving for BBQ

What do you guys think of Everett & Jones Barbecue

Great meal at Chopsticks in San Rafael

Since Marin is being talked about I love Lily Kai in Mill Valley. It slightly reminds me of Eastcoast style. And the portions are large...

Best hot dog?

Someone in another post said Smokehouse in Berkeley has good hotdog..

I miss the wonder bread bun hotdogs at Yankee stadium or Grays papya in NY

Puerto Rican pasteles

Sol Food in San Rafael has Puerto Rican.

Best Shepard Pie in the Bay Area?

Thank you for all the helpful leads... This was my second post here and you all have been very helpful

Looking for a New England style Thanksgiving

Wondering if there is any homestyle turkey dinners on Thanksgiving in the Bay Area.

Best Shepard Pie in the Bay Area?

Just wondering since it is a hit or miss usually