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Desperate to find another Chinese restaurant in Albany/Berkeley

I have been eating Chinese once a week from the same spot for the last several years. However in the last month something has changed (and it wasn't good). I truly feel lost. Can anyone recommend a new go to for me. I prefer Albany but will settle for Berkeley if it has easy parking.

Relatively cheap classic New York

I will be in Manhattan for three days and would liove to try the best slice, pastrami, knish, bagel, hot dog, doughnut, cheesecake. Can you help?

Sep 11, 2013
RnMicki in Manhattan

Zachary's Chicago Pizza - yay or nay? [Berkeley]

I agree with rubadubgdub. If you want deep dish go with Patxis. It is much fresher and has a great crust.

Should you answer honestly?

Last weekend the hubby and I went to a popular high end Yountville restaurant for brunch. The hubby ordered a lobster roll, the most expensive item on the menu. To his great disappointment it had absolutely NO flavor. The waiter, a very nice young man stopped by the table to ask us how we were enjoying the meal. I was shocked to hear my husband say that it was very good. Had he suddenly lost his mind? I think he was just too shy to tell the waiter what he really thought. When faced with this situation, how do you answer?

Aug 30, 2013
RnMicki in Not About Food

Lobster Roll

Seems like in my imagination they don't have sides and are buttery and crisp.

Lobster Roll

I watched a Check Please episode showing one at Nettiie's Crab Shack. Has anyone tried it?

Dinner in Little Italy

I love Rubirosa. The staff are awesome and the food is great!. Had the ricotta pancakes and the breakfast pizza. Both were delicious.

Aug 02, 2013
RnMicki in Manhattan

Lobster Roll

Don't know why but lim craving a lobster roll. I'm looking for help from my fellow Bay Area foodies.

Breakfast Sandwich - SF Dish of the Month June 2013

Try the croissant breakfast sandwich at Pamplemousse in Redwood City. Delicious! They also have awesome macaroons.

Looking for the best pie in the Bay Area.

I know it sounds crazy but I miss Marie Callendar. Not because of the food, but because of the pies. Can anyone suggest a place where I can find a delicious pie with a flaky, buttery crust? East Bay preferred but San Francisco is an option.

Recommended Napa/Yountville wineries

Hi my favorites are Cakebread (you need a reservation) Frank Family, and Rombauer. Enjoy!