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In search of authentic pierogi recipe

hi. i have the recipe if you want to make them yourself. no im not polish, but i grew up around polish & they used to make them certain days of the week when i was a kid & when u saw the light on, u knew not to bother them they were cooking lol also, i dont know if u r familiar with the east india mall in salem but they sell them fresh & frozen. supposedly homemade & theyre better than most, but the frozen have a bit of sugar or something in them cuz they have a sweet taste to them. I'm a true pierogi freak lol my son & i do a double batch usually so it takes us about 4 hours thats from doing your own dough ( not store bought) i usually just make the cheese ones thats the one we love here, but u can use your own fillers, but i read below about sour cream or no eggs?? please if u want the right recipe & i hope u even read this since i just noticed the date i guarantee if u listen to the recipe i give u, you will get a good workout on your arms lol & you will make sone darn good pierogi's. I'll be waiting to hear from you then i'll give u the recipe.. Margie

Jun 01, 2013
margie56 in Home Cooking