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Too Much Mint

Try Indian Mint Chutney! You can eat it as a condiment with so many things. It goes great with grilled meat or tofu. It also freezes really well. Recipe:

Korean Kimchi Tofu Soup (Soondubu Jjigae)

Simple and delicious.

Sep 30, 2012
LurveToEat in Recipes

Easy Fish Tacos

This was so easy and delicious! I made it for some friends last night and they loved it.

Sep 19, 2012
LurveToEat in Recipes

Best Restaurants in Moncton, NB

I'll be in Moncton for a few days this week on business. What are the best restaurants in Moncton? I would love to try a great seafood place.

May 08, 2010
LurveToEat in Atlantic Canada

Demonstration Kitchen in Toronto?

Great. Thanks for all the info! So far the Market Kitchen is looking like the most appealing option. But i'll definitely check out the others as well to compare.

Demonstration Kitchen in Toronto?

I'm looking to rent our a kitchen space in Toronto to hold an Indian cooking class. Anyone know of any venues that rent our their demo kitchens?

259 Host - Anyone been?

Hi apple_pie - did you end up going to 259 Host? How was the food? Atmosphere on the Friday? I'm thinking of heading there this Saturday so wanted to get your thoughts...

What pizza should I order at Terroni tonight?

My favorite is the San Giorgio. I love the salami.

Colborne Lane snubs, Globe Bistro welcomes

I had a similar experience with Blowfish (same owner as Colborne Lane) seems like the owner likes to create a sense of exclusivity for his restos...whatever!...i have no interest in going there anymore!

"Ethnic" Resto in Toronto?

thanks c_snapper!.i do like The Host, but i've been there many times, so looking for something new.

"Ethnic" Resto in Toronto?

please see the edit to the original post

"Ethnic" Resto in Toronto?

I'm taking my dad out for dinner tonight for his birthday. He enjoys ethnic food in a nice setting. Anyone know of any "upscale-ish" ethnic restaurants in the city?

Thanks to all who replied...for clarity lets narrow it down to something with indian or middle eastern or african flavours...but I am open to any other types of cuisines that you may have suggestions on. The challenge that I face is that most posts related to this type of cuisine are for lunch or casual dining....

Dahaba or Bombay Place for Downtown Indian??

I've had a lot of indian food in my day and both Dhaba and Bombay Palace are ok if you're craving some dirty indian food. My faves in the GTA are the Host (only the downtown location on Prince Arthur though) and Nirvana (in Mississauga).