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Best Steak In Los Angeles....

Mastros, hands down.

May 29, 2013
Oblongs in Los Angeles Area

Where do Vegans eat with Steak Lovers...?

I have much adored friends of mine coming into Los Angeles this Friday for my birthday.

One couple are strict Vegan. "Mmmm Kale". Another couple are devoted Steak Lovers. "Mmmm Beef". Neither are militant towards each others needs, they are just "insistent about their preferences". These couples are each so into their cuisine that they have planned entire vacations based on what they are going to eat. Now both couples are visiting me.

I live in Hollywood, and we don't want to drive far. The vegan couple is getting married soon and they want to save money. The meat couple wants to go somewhere nice"ish" and fun. Both couples are leaving it up to me.

Anybody have any suggestions? This is stumping me.

May 29, 2013
Oblongs in Los Angeles Area