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Help with food itinerary

Thank you all for the great recommendations! Already made reservation for lunch in Bouley after sgordon's great recommendation.
I noticed that no one even mentioned Gramercy Tavern as an option. It is interesting because my impression, from reading reviews and looking at the restaurants' websites, was that GT is a great option.
So, when thinking about lunch- GT is not in the same level as Bouley and Jean-George?

Feb 20, 2014
OaOmOt in Manhattan

Help with food itinerary

Yes, happened to me as well earlier today. Saw your message and wanted to reserve a table but on my first choice (Saturday) they had only 4:45 or 10:45. So had to change my schedule and leave Peter Luger to a different day.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the tip! Without you I would probably be left without a table at Luger at all :)

Feb 20, 2014
OaOmOt in Manhattan

Help with food itinerary

Thanks a lot Kathryn!
To give a little background- I'm a graduate student here in Chicago. Originally from Israel. Have to admit, had some pretty rough time here since arrived (+ I'm a student. Low budget), so couldn't really explore the Chicago food scene. From what I did have a chance to try, my favorite places are Girl and The Goat (was amazing), David Burke (wonderful stakes) and Avec.

Great tip about LB, maybe I will drop it. I know that my other options are not diverse in the genre but I guess this is what we like (I don't care that the genre is similar, just want the experience to be different). Maybe I'll try a good Asian place for dinner (you recommend Ssam?), but for our fine-dining lunches- I don't know, those seemed the best from what I read. I understand that you don't agree? :)
For the other dinners (2+3)- so as you can understand, we love French, Italian, American. We don't like Mexican. We're fine with Asian.

Feb 20, 2014
OaOmOt in Manhattan

Help with food itinerary

Hi nice people,

I live in the US for the last 6 months (Chicago) and in April I plan a vacation in NY with my wife. It’s our first time there and as food lovers, we want to explore the food scene in the best possible way.
We will spend 5 nights in NY, but I’m not planning to schedule all the meals in restaurants because we really want to also try interesting local cheap things (pizza, burgers, delis, food trucks, etc.).

I was doing my homework, and came up with a short list of restaurants for some of the meals, for others- I’m still debating. I would really appreciate your assistance.
So, for my itinerary, I want to schedule 2 lunches and 3 dinners. Unfortunately, we’re on a budget, and therefore we will try to enjoy the really fine-dining places during lunches.

Lunch #1 + lunch #2-
So we have two lunches to schedule. I want them to be as amazing as possible. As I see it, my main “competitors” for the two lunches are (and they are ranked by my current interest level):
• Le Bernardin- at first, I thought LB would be a must for us. I was really amazed by the reviews I read. However, I’m a bit afraid. Sea-food was never our major food component- we love it, but always prefer meat. I thought that maybe because of that we should try LB, to be overwhelmed by what this place can do with sea-food, but I’m afraid to be disappointed.
• Gramercy Tavern
• Jean George
• Bouley
• Gotham Bar & Grill
• Del Posto
What do you think? Any thoughts on what should I choose? What combination will be a good one? I want the two restaurants to be diverse in terms of the experience.

Dinner #1-
No options here. Peter Luger is a must for us.

Dinner #2 + Dinner #3-
Here I’m really debating- want to try good restaurants. Interesting restaurants. Places that will leave us with amazing memories. However, my money was already spent, so I need to find places with a reasonable pricing (around ~$30 for entrees…?)
I thought about going to The NoMad for one evening (hey, if I can’t afford EMP, at least I’ll try NoMad). But I’m having hard time narrowing the options for the second evening. Would love to hear suggestions about it (and also if NoMad is a good choice or maybe pick totally different things).

Thanks a lot for the help!

Feb 20, 2014
OaOmOt in Manhattan

Rome- Feedback on restaurants

Hello foodies,
My wife and I are arriving Rome for a long weekend (Thursday noon- Sunday afternoon) to celebrate our anniversary in a few weeks. We both really care about the food and since it's our first time in Rome and we cannot eat at all the good restaurants, I decided to thoroughly prepare the culinary aspect of this weekend.
So… after reading and reading and reading all the food blogs, all the posts at chowhound, all the reviews and even going through several apps (Katie Parla and Elizabeth Minchilli, your apps are amazing. I'm sure I'm not going to lower my iPhone for a second while in Rome) I managed to make a restaurants list, mainly to dinners since I want to be more flexible during the days:
Thursday dinner- Antico Arco
Friday dinner- Roscioli
Saturday dinner- the big anniversary celebration with tasting menu- Pipero Al Rex / Motomorfosi / All'oro ???
Sunday lunch- Trattoria Monti

I would really like to have your opinion. First about my list- do you think I should change anything?
Second- my big dilemma- the Saturday dinner restaurant- I know all the great experts here like those three restaurants (I read every post concerning those three), I know it is difficult to choose since there isn't a right and wrong answer, but I thought that maybe based on my other restaurants and on who we are, you will be able to make a logical suggestion…
A little more about us- as I said, we really love food. However, we are also relatively young (29 years old) and our experience in gourmet restaurants is pretty weak.
Another important thing is that my wife doesn't like too creative food. At the beginning I also considered Glass but I thought it was too creative for her.

So I really hope you'll be able to help me. Thank you very much!
And one more thing- you are all great! I really enjoy reading all your posts and recommendations!


May 17, 2013
OaOmOt in Italy