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Bakeries with holiday specialties? (Non-Yule logs)

Do you know if they will still be selling stollen after Christmas/in the New Year?

Bakeries with holiday specialties? (Non-Yule logs)

I'm looking for good places to get those baked goods you can only get around the holiday season (galette des Rois, panettone, I'm sure there are others I haven't thought of).
Will only be sharing with one or two people, so no Yule Logs or anything else similarly gigantic.
Preferably Downtown/Plateau/Mile-End, but not necessary.

Brunch at Au Pied de Cochon

You definitely will be able to try more than a couple of dishes; each one really is dimsum-sized, so you could probably have 3-4 + a couple of viennoiseries (definitely get the maple cinnamon buns if they have them). One of the benefits of eating brunch alone is that they have standing-room-only placements right in front of the kitchen, where you can chat with the chefs and sometimes they'll sneak you a couple of freebies. It's a great experience, and I highly recommend it.

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

Any news as to when they're re-opening? Seems odd to be closed right before Chinese New Year...

Birthday Lunch Chinatown/St Denis

My undying loyalty to Mai Xiang Yuan forbids me from going to Qing Hua. I'm not really looking for dim sum. Has anyone tried the HK Cafe attached to Patisserie Harmonie? How is it?

Birthday Lunch Chinatown/St Denis

I'd like to go for lunch with a group of friends (6 of us) this Saturday to celebrate my birthday. Looking for something inexpensive ($15 or less per dish) and that can accommodate a friend with a severe peanut allergy. I'd normally go for Mai Xiang Yuan, but I think they're currently closed for renovations.

Need to find great crepes in Montreal on a Sunday....TODAY

La Bulle au Carré has excellent buckwheat crepes!
3482 Rue St Denis
Montreal QC H2X 3L3
(514) 848-0316

Looking for the best doughnut

Just tried the pistachio donut from Leche and it was very good! The filling was the star; it was a delightfully nutty pistachio pastry cream (perhaps with a bit of almond?). The entire donut was quite light and didn't give me the heavy feeling in my stomach that some other sub-par donuts do.

Vietnamese broken rice dish (com tam)

Okay, thanks for the info! Back in Vancouver, I knew a restaurant that used broken rice for all their rice dishes, and I was wondering if there was an equivalent in Montreal, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Vietnamese broken rice dish (com tam)

I'm looking for a good Vietnamese restaurant that serves dishes with "broken rice" (basically cooked broken rice grains; they absorb sauce better, I feel). Preferably downtown/Plateau area, but near Jean Talon is also an option. Thanks!

Are there any good Doughnuts left in Montreal?

Tried her peach and bergamot donut/fritter today at Caffe Art Java and was rather disappointed. Donut skimped on the peaches and was a bit soggy (a consequence of not being freshly fried, I guess) and was just generally lacklustre. Maybe I just had a bad experience, but I've got to say, I'm not really seeing what all the hype is about (especially for $3 a pop!)

Apple/peach butter for macaron filling?

I've made macarons quite a few times before with lemon curd and ganache fillings, but I'm thinking of trying my hand with one filled with peach and/or apple butter. Do you think this would work, or would the filling be too soggy for the macaron to age properly?

Aug 03, 2013
withaflourish in Home Cooking

Apple fritters?

Thanks Glaff! Have you ever tried any of Saint Donut's fritters, apple or otherwise? I'm curious as to how fresh/crispy they are, seeing as how she delivers to multiple places around town.

Apple fritters?

Any suggestions for where to get a good apple fritter in Downtown/Plateau area? You know, the crispy yet fluffy yet tender fried hunks of deliciousness?

Romados fire

Ducked in at around 4:40 today (Saturday), just before a large group of around 8 came in. Only waited 5 min; I'm sure it's much busier around peak hours though!

Korean Rice Cakes in Montreal?

Thanks Euni! I know they have rice cakes in the poutine and in the ramen, but do they also have just the tteokbokki with the sauce? And do you happen to know the price?

Korean Rice Cakes in Montreal?

I'm really craving tteokbokki/ddeokbokki, a Korean dish made of rice cakes and fish cakes drenched in a delicious spicy sauce ( if you want details). Are there any places around Downtown Montreal/Plateau/Chinatown that serve a good version of this dish?