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Trader Joe's coming to Randolph

It's not much, but I did find this "Coming Soon" page at TJ's website:

Randolph, NJ is not on the list. That could easily mean that they just haven't gotten around to adding it yet. On the other hand, if someone knows for sure that Randolph used to be on the list, then the fact that it's not there now would imply that the Randolph store isn't coming.

I've been meaning to drive by the proposed site, maybe I'll do that this weekend on my way to buy bagels and look for a TJ sign or something.

Jun 18, 2013
mgldan in New Jersey

Trader Joe's coming to Randolph

How exciting! This was posted back in April - has anyone seen any signs of construction? I've been going to Florham Park to get groceries and it will be great to shave time off my commute.

May 12, 2013
mgldan in New Jersey