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So Kong Dong Tofu Restaurant opening in Hartsdale! (Korean)

I was at a shopping plaza off Central Ave near White Plains (where McDonald's is), and saw a sign that said the above restaurant is coming soon. The place is where a fabric store used to be, and it is currently under construction. H-Mart, Saigonese, and this. Pretty exciting recent additions to Westchester! Hope more follows!

OMG, this might be the best pizza in Westchester!

Last week, my husband and I tried the pizza from the newly opened All' Antica by the Scarsdale station
next to Dunkin Donuts, and were blown away. We had the Margarita pizza. The crust is thin,
and very tasty, and the garlicky sauce was a very nice touch. They use fresh mozzarella cheese.

We are recent transplants to Westchester from Manhattan, and we haven't tried many
pizza places but the ones we've tried so far have been disappointing. We have been spoiled as we used to live near
Nick's pizza (the best!) in Manhattan and we missed it so much. But now with All' Antica,
I think we have found our new favorite! If you are looking for great pizza, do try this place and let me know what you think!

Where to get good baguettes?

There's a little grocery store on Garth Road in Scarsdale where they sell Balthazar baguette and several kinds of Eli's bread. The baguette is not shattering crusty, but
then again, you can never get a really crusty Balthaza baguette even if you are in Manhattan. But the taste is excellent. The store gets bread delivered everyday, so
the breads are fresh.

Landmarc for family with kids/babies


Just wanted to thank the board for a great suggestion for a baby-friendly restaurant.
My husband and I took our 4 month old daughter to Landmarc in Tribeca on Saturday
around 6pm. We had dined there a few times before but we were surprised that at that time, the restaurant was busy with almost all tables with kids or babies.
Of course the staff were very accommodating and nice, and we had a wonderful night out.

I highly recommend this restaurant for parents with small kids.
Thanks again.

May 12, 2008
Muffin in Manhattan


They sell yaki-imo at Daido supermarket in White Plains (which I get every time I go), but I haven't seen one in the city....

Jan 10, 2008
Muffin in Manhattan

Bun Cha

Nothing close to what you can get on the streets in Vietnam, but I thought the Bun Cha at Viet Cafe in Tribeca was decent. I was just so happy to find it on the menu because very few places serve this dish.

Jan 10, 2008
Muffin in Manhattan

What happened to ChickPea??!!!??

I went to the same location last weekend and also was disappointed with their falafels. Also disappointing is that they took off fries off the menu, too! We asked them why, and the girl behind the counter said they decided to go all "healthy". Anyway, we had to run to the corner deli to get some fries. The food was not as enjoyable as it used to be. Now I will only go to Taim.

Nov 05, 2007
Muffin in Manhattan

Vietnamese Pho

I liked Viet Cafe in Tribeca. Haven't tried their pho, but they had Bun Cha, which is
my favorite dish while I spent some time in Vietnam, and very few restaurants here serve this.
What came out was pretty close to the authentic version. Plus, the cooks in the kitchen were Vietnamese unlike a lot of places in C-town. I will have to go back there to try the pho.

Oct 10, 2007
Muffin in Manhattan

Restaurant recs in W.Village?

Thanks for all your input! Ended up making a reservation at August.
Looking forward to going back for the second time...

Sep 19, 2007
Muffin in Manhattan

Restaurant recs in W.Village?

Oh! that's good to know. Thanks so much.

Sep 18, 2007
Muffin in Manhattan

Restaurant recs in W.Village?

Thanks! I've been to August, and yes, that's a good place! The only problem is that they don't take reservations... (I might risk it). Perry Street came to my mind, but as you suspected, it's touch pricier than what I'm looking for. Little Owl was my other option too, but I couldn't get a table on the day and time I wanted. That's how I ran out of options and why I turned to you guys - thanks for your suggestions.

Sep 18, 2007
Muffin in Manhattan

Restaurant recs in W.Village?

I have some friends visiting from Japan, and I am in search of a good restaurant that is nice, but won't break the bank. Any cuisine except Japanese, and something that's not greasy. Ideally in West Village as we are catching a show in the Village later, but if it's not too far (i.e. UES), the surrounding neighborhood is fine as well. In the $46-60/pp range?

Thanks for your help!

Sep 18, 2007
Muffin in Manhattan

Where can I buy muscovado sugar in Manhattan?

Any Whole Foods or Citarella.

Apr 16, 2007
Muffin in Manhattan

UES Saigon Grill update - Saigon Bistro?

Just saw a public hearing notice for liquour license for Saigon Grill.
Apparently the restraurant in question was listed as "Saigon Bistro".
I wonder if they are going to have a different menu from the rest of the Saigon Grill restaurants. ...

Apr 02, 2007
Muffin in Manhattan

Where to find Japanese Kewpie Mayonnaise

I find american brand mayonnaise more bland than Japanese mayo.
You can add rice vinegar to american mayo (i.e. ones without sugar) and it will taste
similar to japanese mayo.

Mar 30, 2007
Muffin in Manhattan

Where to find Japanese Kewpie Mayonnaise

My local supermarket, C-town on 89th Street and 1st Avenue sells it.
They also stock Japanese snacks/candies and icecreams.

Mar 30, 2007
Muffin in Manhattan


I was also looking for King Arthur bread flour. Went to Whole Foods in Union Square,
and while they do have a nice selection of King Arthur flours, they don't carry bread flour (I asked).

I ended up ordering it from Baker's Catalogue.

Feb 28, 2007
Muffin in Manhattan

Mariage Freres tea sources in New York?

The Adore on E.13th between 5th and University sells them.
I think they were $18/can.

Nov 14, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan

Authentic Thai please!!

Zabb on E.13th is really good. I was very impressed. My fiance claims that they make the
best Panang Currry in the city. The staff are very nice people too. I am definitely going back.

Nov 03, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan

Love K-Town---Recommendations for new places?

I second Cho Dang Gol.

Oct 20, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan

Inase on UES!!

I love Inase... I share your feelings.
I don't want to share, but want people to know so that it will do good business...

I thought they already had liqour license?? They serve alchohol now.

Oct 19, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan

Taro Sushi-type place?

Inase on 1st between 83rd and 82nd.

Oct 11, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan

Torys Yakitorri on 52nd st

Yes, Torys is the new yakitori place after Tori-gen closed. I never made it to Torigen but
just went to Torys the other night. My friend and I went on a Saturday night, and without reservation our wait was about 20 minutes, which is not that bad.

The interior is like a mix of Totto and Aburiya. The menu is pretty much the same (of course, the main thing they serve is chicken). It looked like there were more Okinawan inspired side dishes on the menu than at Totto. But the food, service were both what you expect from Totto, and very nice. Since the place is new, and only been advertised in Japanese papers, on teh night we went, my friend was the only non-Japanese person in the whole restaurant, but I'm sure the words are spreading quickly....

For those who live on the east side, this is a great alternative to Totto.
Loved it.

Oct 06, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan

Cantonese in Chinatown, had to let you know

Having read about the Chatham Restaurant on this board, I went for dim sum to the restaurant (6 Chatham Sq - the clean one!) this weekend.

Seeing that there was one white guy in our group, they immediately sent us to the
lower floor, but there was only one other group (white people) eating, so we complained and
waited for a table for the 1st floor area - my fiend was the only non-Asian guy
on the entire floor at teh time we're dining.

It was worth it. Everything we ordered was very fresh and good.
And since it's not a huge place like some other places, I liked the scale of it.
My friend from Hong Kong was equally impressed as well.
And as someone else mentioned, their bathrooms are the cleanest I've seen
in Chinatown!!

I want to thank my fellow chowhounds for recommending this place.
I would definitely go back.

Oct 02, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan

Upper East Sushi - help!

Gajumaru is excellent. It is very authentic, and as a Japanese, I think it's the best
place in the neighborhood. Another very good place is Inase. A small place
on 1st between 83 and 82nd.
Neither places are so called 'trendy' but the food is very good.

I would stay away from Poke or Ichiro unless you like american sushi.

Sep 26, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan

Argentine in Manhattan?

Nina's on 2nd Ave between 91st and 92nd serves Argentinnean pizzas.
It's a cosy little place, very casual and affordable.

Aug 25, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan

Best pizza on UES?

I totally agree with the poster about Nick's. By far the best on the UES if not in Manhattan.

Aug 25, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan

Pizza Recommendations?

Is that true?? I consider Nick's as one of the best pizzas you can get in Manhattan.
The last time I had their pizza was probably about a month ago.
Can someone confirm this rumor??? I will be very very disappointed if that is true...

Aug 24, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan

Dining tips for Pittsburgh

I am also a NYC hound driving through Pgh this weekend.
I was doing some research, and came across this Vietnamese place called Pho Minh on Penn Ave. It's got pretty good ratings on Citysearch. Can anyone tell me if this is any good? Thanks!

Aug 17, 2006
Muffin in Pennsylvania

non-awful Chinese delivery in West Village?

Noodle Bar on Carmine. It is a little bit pricier than your typical Chinese joints, but
they have very high quality food. They specialize in noodles, but they have other things as well.

Aug 11, 2006
Muffin in Manhattan