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July 18-21 Recommendations Please!

Thanks for the advice re Toque vs Club Chasse. I'm leaning more towards Toque instead for dinner now. Will probably finalize our meals soon.

We're definitely going to Dominion more for the drinks and the evening/night scene, rather than for lunch. When you said between 10 and midnight, does that mean that it's busy before 10? I see on their site that they only allow reservations for dining, and not for drinks. Can I make dining reservations, and only grab a couple of small plates?

July 18-21 Recommendations Please!

Thanks for the additional info re Milo's and Brasserie T. We'll make a decision within the next day or so!

July 18-21 Recommendations Please!

Thanks for the suggestions.So correct me if I'm wrong, but is Milo's a Greek restaurant? I guess I'm a little leery just because of the sheer number of Greek restaurants here in Toronto, that for the most part all seem to serve the same mediocre Greek food. Is Milo's different?

Also, T looks interesting. Is it a more casual version of Toque, sort of like Frontera Grill or XOCO vs Topolobampo in Chicago?

How are the croissants at Olivier Potier compared to Kouign Amann? For some reason, all of the croissants here in Toronto are merely ok, so we bring back boxes of croissants from Kouign every time we visit (and end up upsetting all of the customers behind us, sorry!).

July 18-21 Recommendations Please!

Thanks for the advice! You said that lunches at Toque and Club Chasse are more simple and affordable. Does that mean that the dishes are watered down versions of what's available at dinner, or are the lunches still representative of what those restaurants are capable of? I guess what I'm getting at, which of the two would be better for a splurge dinner? I don't think I've seen a thread on here that compares the two...Whichever we end up going with, we'll probably try to book the other one for lunch.

I think we went to Bremner, a couple of weeks after they had opened, so I don't know if the place has improved since then.

Your other recommendations are intriguing, especially Filet. I like the Japanese influence. I might book that for Saturday.

I just read a review of lunch at 400 Coups and it looks really promising. That could be our other weekday lunch.

Dominion Square Taverne also looks promising. Thanks!

July 18-21 Recommendations Please!

Hi all,

Long time lurker, etc etc. from Toronto.

The fiancee and I have had many great food experiences in Montreal thanks to all of you. We have a couple of notches in our collective belt to fill out, namely Joe Beef, Toque, and Club Casse. Please let me know how I should solve this puzzle. Haven't booked a hotel yet, but it'll probably be downtown as usual and I'll be driving. This is what I have booked so far.

July 18
lunch/late lunch - ?
snack - ?
dinner - Joe Beef - 9:30

July 19
breakfast/brunch/lunch - ?
dinner - Club Casse - 5:45

July 20
breakfast/brunch/lunch - ?
dinner - ?

July 21
breakfast/brunch/lunch - ?
afterwards - probably Kouign Amann and Fairmont to pick up food before we leave

I believe that the Joe Beef reservation should stand firm, however I'm debating between lunch and dinner for Club Casse and Toque. How does lunch compare with dinner for both of those restaurants? Also, how would I book reservations, since OpenTable doesn't show any lunch slots for them?

Once that's complete, I'm not sure where else to go. I've been to 400 Coups, DNA (RIP), L'Express, APDC, Jardin Nelson, La Banquise, Schwartz's, Premiere Moisson, and the Jean Talon Market. I wouldn't mind going back to 400 Coups, either for lunch or dinner, Jardin Nelson, and the Jean Talon Market. The other places I've been to several times, and I'd like to take a hiatus.

Should I try Garde Manger? I've been to Le Bremner and it was ok, nothing outstanding.

I also know that on Mont-Royal, there's a place we pass on Saturdays and Sundays on the way to Kouign Amann, and it always looks like it's rammed for brunch. Is that place worth it?

Oh, and are there any cool bars/lounges to visit? Something along the lines of Death & Co in NYC.