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What's the Worst Dish You Ever Made?

When I was growing up in the 70's here in the south, around our house "garlic" was powder in a spice jar. I was teaching myself to cook something besides the southern fare that I'd grown up eating....I don't remember the recipe...but it called for a clove of garlic. I didn't know what a clove was, so I put in the whole head. Boy was it hard peeling all the inside parts of that "clove"! To this day, I do love garlic. I have been to the Gilroy garlic festival many times with a fellow garlic lover...40-cloves Chicken, yum! But that entire head of garlic was a bit much for the palate of my unsuspecting family!

May 07, 2014
ncn8tive in Home Cooking

Town House (Chilhowie, VA) - Wow!

A friend and I have been trying to find a weekend to go, that works for both our schedules. Just a heads up...don't buy plane tickets for July...the restaurant is closed for the better part of that month, if not the entire month. I called for a reservation in July and was informed that they typically close sometime in that month for research trips (to France, Spain, etc...what a life!), and that this July is a special closure because the chefs are getting married and going on honeymoon!

Triangle Chinese Update

I think the same waitress took my order for takeout. When I saw the untranslated menu posted outside, I thought I'd made a mistake not printing off the menu posted here, and taking it with me, but she produced the translated copy. She was very excited about the food and even brought me a sample of sliced chicken in chile sauce while I was waiting. I had the pea shoots with garlic, spicy dumplings and vermicelli with chile sauce, and I have lots of yummy leftovers for the weekend.

Burratta in the Triangle?

I've gotten it at Trader Joes (the Cary location). I didn't know what it was, so I bought some to try. Was going to make caprese but it was softer inside than I thought. So, I used it on homemade pizza. Yumm! What else is it used for?

Revolution, Downtown Durham

A friend took me for my birthday a couple weeks ago. It was a fabulous meal, though I couldn't tell you what it cost. I'm sure it wasn't cheap. I don't see any of the specific dishes that I ate, on their current web menu. I started with a sashimi appetizer from the raw/chilled section of the menu (hamachi). It was velvety good and about the freshest I've had in NC. As proof, I convinced my friend to try raw fish for the first time, and she had a little epiphany. If you're going to try raw for the first time, that was a good example. For a second course, from the "Small" section of the menu I had an octopus salad. It was a generously sized salad and the flavors were very good, though the octopus was a tad on the chewy side, though I would by no means categorize it as tough. I have had tough octopus before, so I generally avoid it unless I know I'm eating where they know what to do with it. For my "entree", I had another dish from the "Small" section...a flat iron steak with a side of sauteed greens. It was tasty...cooked perfectly rare, but the greens were a tad salty. I say "iirc" because I started the meal with a cocktail that was pretty strong...then had a flyte of 3 wines chosen by the house to match the hamachi, octopus and beef courses. They gave me very generous pours that perfectly accompanied each by the time I reached the 3rd course I was feeling pretty good! On hearing that it was my birthday, I got a complementary glass of dessert wine to go along with the excellent cheese platter that I had selected for dessert (I don't have a sweet tooth). I'm trying to remember what my friend ordered. The only course I can remember was the braised buffalo. I don't think she was just being polite on account of my birthday when I say that she thoroughly enjoyed her meal.

Triangle: Need A Local Country Ham

After reading this thread, I mail ordered myself an Edwards country ham. I'm going to try Alton Brown's recipe, but I don't want to cook the whole thing...just the butt end. I want the shank and some center slices taken off first. Where in the triangle can I find a butcher who will do this for a reasonable fee? I guess I could get all medieval on it with a hack saw but I don't think the slices would be very uniform.

Nov 19, 2008
ncn8tive in Southeast

Authentic Italian in the Triangle?

A friend wants to dine at Pazzo in Chapel Hill. I couldn't find much mention of it here on the South board. Anyone been there for Italian? How does it compare to some of the others mentioned here in this thread?

coconut cake in the triangle (NC)?

I want to get my mom a coconut cake for her birthday. The benchmark, by which I measure all others, version of this cake is from Hayes Barton Grill in Raleigh, where they make them make them in house. However that isn't an option for buying a whole cake for a couple of reasons...(1) I just called and they can't make me one for when I need general they don't do that but the owner sounded like they might have done, depending on when I needed it, (2) anyway, I don't need the 3 mile high, Goliath version of the cake that they make! Where else is is possible to get really good coconut cake, made from scratch, with fresh coconut, and really good, nongreasy icing/filling, etc...

Cary, NC - Domo (Sushi)?

I stopped by at lunch today, intending to get takeout. There were maybe 2 or 3 people there at about 1pm. This is a conveyor belt sushi place although they have a menu which includes other items that you can order. Besides non-sushi items, the menu included a list of their specialty rolls. I just wanted a few pieces of tuna and salmon nigiri, and a spider standard order when I'm wanting to give a new place a try. The hostess looked at me with a blank stare when I asked about the nigiri. She confessed that she didn't know much about sushi and didn't know how to take my order. Since I didn't have time to dine in, I just said I'd come back some other time. I will give them a try again since it is near where I live and work, but I think I'll wait till they are a little more organized. Also, I'd want to see a lot of business (turnover), if I were to eat anything that comes around on the conveyor belt...

Insider Tips for Triangle?

Asuka (in Morrisville) also has fresh wasabi. Don't know if they have it all the time, but the first time I had it, the waiter suggested it. Next time I went, I asked and they had it. I don't think it was on the menu. I will have to try it at Mura also.

So what's in a Scary Jerry? a screaming O?

The Mint in Raleigh

This intersects with another thread about restaurants closed for remodeling.... This past saturday evening, I drove past An, and there were no cars in the parking lot. Odd for a prime dining hour, so I drove through the parking lot. There was a sign on the front door indicating that they were closed for least that is what I think it said. I read it from my car and didn't get out to go read the details. This restaurant hasn't been open all that long, and I recall the decor was very nice. What kind of renovations would they be doing?

al fresco dining in the triangle, NC

Spring fever has me in its grip and I'm soliciting suggestions for al fresco dining all over the triangle area...raleigh, durham, chapel hill...though, for this weekend I'm particularly interested in the Raleigh downtown/NCSU area.

I'll start the list with one of my favorites, Lilly's pizza. I know some don't like it, but their patio is a nice place to sit outside and people watch, then you pop next door for a bit of dessert and coffee at Third place.

Chess pie in Raleigh

You could give the Blue Moon Bakery in Cary a call. They have lemon chess pie on their web menu...I can't imagine they wouldn't make you a plain one on request.

best wine for NC style barbecue?

Well, actually...the event is a wedding. There will be other food and beverage, but I volunteered to solicit some input on the wine selection too!

Mar 14, 2008
ncn8tive in Wine

best wine for NC style barbecue?

I wasn't sure if this was best posted to the 'south' board, but since I am asking for a wine recommendation I thought I'd try here first...

A friend is having a catered event where eastern NC style barbecue will be served. NC style barbecue is slow smoked, pork barbecue cooked and served with a vinegary-spicy pepper barbecue sauce. Around here this would traditionally be served with very sweet iced tea, but prohibition ended a long time ago, and they want to also serve beer and wine. What type of wine would be best? Looking for suggestions for both the red and white wine styles. Thanks!

Mar 14, 2008
ncn8tive in Wine

BBQ in North Carolina mountains, with hogs from local, sustainable farms?

I can't tell you about the source for the pork, but when I was a college student at ASU, we always ate at The Woodlands in Blowing Rock, NC (just off the BRP). I still go there when I'm in the neighborhood. You could try calling them to find out about their pork. Or maybe someone reading this board will have more information.

RDU - ISO Dinner near Radisson, Resarch Triangle Park

What time? I went to Durham from Raleigh twice yesterday, ferrying a friend to/from eye surgery. At 8am it was smooth sailing in both directions. At noon, there was only a slight slowdown on my return to Raleigh where they had closed one of the southbound lanes.

I'm curious because I'm headed there for dinner tonight at my favorite fast eats place...Chai Noodle Bar. Semi-fast, pan-asian food...I *love* their Thai basil noodle dish. Located on Erwin on the ground floor of one of those new office/condo buildings...

Best food bets, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen

I'm meeting my mom in Southern Pines/Aberdeen area for lunch this weekend and was wondering where to eat. I didn't find much already posted on the South board, so I thought I'd try asking again. There are lots of chain restaurants there, but I wouldn't mind a pointer to something good from recent, first hand experience...

Jan 24, 2008
ncn8tive in Southeast