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Your Top 5 Trader Joe's Products? [OLD]

Do it! It is the best. I tried the Thai Noodle Salad and didn't like it nearly as much. The Five Spice Asian Noodle Salad tastes as good as anything at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant. I think it is the fresh mint and basil that really make it so mouthwatering :)

May 20, 2013
annathebee in Chains

Your Top 5 Trader Joe's Products? [OLD]

1. Five Spice Asian Chicken and Asian Noodle Salad (Easily my #1)
2. Goat Cheese Pizza (fridge)
3. Pork Potstickers
4. Habanero Lime Salsa
5. Dark Chocolate Cocoa Nibs

May 06, 2013
annathebee in Chains