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Baked or Formed Cake Balls For A Party?

Thank you everyone for all of the suggestions.And for the kind words Ninrn.

So I did try and make some trial cake balls with the NordicWare cake ball pan & was very disappointed in the results, so I think I will try your idea Foxspirit.

Mar 20, 2014
Fresh_Foodie in Home Cooking

Baked or Formed Cake Balls For A Party?

Ninrn, you mention enough fat, I found a recipe that calls for 2 sticks of butter and a cup of buttermilk, would that suffice? I know butter imparts flavor but not always moisture. I would do the liquor idea if kids weren't going to be there.

Mar 18, 2014
Fresh_Foodie in Home Cooking

Baked or Formed Cake Balls For A Party?

So I would like to make cake balls and ship them as a gift as a dessert for about 25 person party.

I have made cake balls before with a from scratch cake and store bought frosting. And even though the balls formed well, I thought the flavor was disgusting mainly because I didn't like that damp texture created by mixing frosting into crumbled cake. The frosting seemed to overwhelm the cake. But that's just me. So in trying again I want to make two types: A butter cake with caramel icing (something that hardens so it will travel well) and a Creamsicle cake ball.

My questions are: 1.) Which type of cake ball will taste better? Should I re-try the bake,crush, & mix kind or buy a ball pan and make the baked kind?
2.) If I try the baked kind, how can I make them moist?
3.) How can I make a thinned caramel icing that hardens? Maybe meringue powder or coconut oil?

Mar 17, 2014
Fresh_Foodie in Home Cooking

Possibility?: Can I salvage an underseasoned rotisserie chicken?

So I bought a rotisserie chicken from my local grocery store. Nice crisp seasoning outside but not- a- drop- of- seasoning in the muscle meat. Totally bland.

So my question is - Is it possible to brine it somehow then recook it? I would also like to somehow re-crisp the skin up again if possible after figuring out the best way to season the meat.I know I can make a sauce but that really doesn't solve the issue of the flavorless meat... Thanks

May 06, 2013
Fresh_Foodie in Home Cooking