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Dinner/lunch near Arizona Biltmore

Tarbells changes out some of the main courses several times a year. They pour a good drink there too, and I recomend sitting at the bar.

Not to big on Noca (pretty food, so so quality)....sorry to disagree Beach Chick. Have not tried Crudo, so I will give it a whirl; thanks for sharing

Delux has best fries in town (always hot) and a really n ice beer selection. Hive been eating at Vincent's Bistro for years and can't beleive how darned good it is especially for the price. Breakfast is outstandoing at Vincent's Bistro; don't miss that..
Bianco will not disappoint.

May 07, 2013
johninphoenix in Phoenix

Dinner/lunch near Arizona Biltmore

I have lived in the Biltmore area for 35 years.
I really think you will like:
1) Tarbell's at 32nd Street & Camelback.
2) Vincent's Bistro at 40th & Camelback
3) BLT at Camelback Inn 54th ST & Lincoln Drive

May 05, 2013
johninphoenix in Phoenix